Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Rain drops form on his lips as I reach for him,  mine open,  like the sea parting as if a wave broke
Slow rising temperatures stir like a smoldering fire waiting for wind to catch bringing it out of control
My brain feels the flames,  my body shivers yet not with cold,  his touches,  breathing on me like a cloak
I am weak laying in his arms,  gently he guides me to him,  unbound  he takes control,  giving in,  faded
The tenderness of passion forces me to shake more,  he is hands upon my flesh,  he warms my soul
His heart beats a melody that echoes the beat of mine,  like a tree he stands with arms to protect me
He carries me,  lays me down,  whispers a Maxwell tune,  brushes my long auburn hair gently back, ssh
When he talks the sound of his voice melts me in the most spectacular way,  I am driven to breathe
I close my eyes seeing purples,  reds,  colors of blues that seem to meld into orange like a fire,  his kiss
The galaxies seem to light up for me as I stare into the night sky,  hushed by the calmness of his embrace
A mantra of love washes over me as he takes me places I've never been,  sacred waters flow through me
A sweetness I give only to him as I clasp tight around his body  we bind our bodies like liquid fire, ssh
Midnight has fallen upon us with a magic spell sending us deeper in the abyss of volcanic rapture
Time waits for us but seconds as we catch our breath,  though hours pass it feels like standing still,  fulfilled
With painstaking motions I open Like a ripened flower to his love,  like a sea of rolling waves I feel him
The world has stopped briefly and I gasp,  all the memories of yesterday flood my mind,  I am captured