Tuesday, August 30, 2011

They Call Me Mississippi

I am a warm gentle rain drizzling upon the heat of your body
Each drop you take in as I open up like a cloud ready to burst
I am as the welkin full of such as these that only you can desire
My lips drip an honey sweeter than that of any you have tasted
Your soul is a sponge to my passion receiving it fully encapsulated
They call me Mississippi,  the shape of my horizon, I make your dreams
I am the one that makes you fall,  as you do I catch you bringing you In
My smell has captured you,  set you on fire bringing you to new heights
The curve of my hips you lay in,  as the sun sets and the moon beams
Sleep has fallen,  taken you,  the river flows,  the stars shine and you'r mine
They call me Mississippi, like a river,  I flow to you.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One night

Though he speaks to me with trembling lips,  I feel his heart race
The green of his eyes brighten when they look at me, this is real
As the endless stars align the heavens,  so shall my love unto thee
You feel as spring when you touch me and summer when you enter me
The rain will fall and we will dance and stain the clouds with our love
We share a secret one which cannot compare, he is the smoldering sun
I to him his earth, I hold the keys to his thoughts his dreams
My flower rare, it blooms for a season, petals tender intoxicating to him
The draw is love, like no other powerful drawn yet cannot be matched
My heart flows like hot lava out my veins for you, so captivated undone
Once in a while Jupiter meets Venus, fire ignites souls engage perfection
One night can last an eternity, one day a lifetime, one dream a reality
A King meets his Queen he knows her, keeps her unto himself forever more

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So gentle meek in spirit yet wild and free but woe unto those who judges he
Beautiful heart that soars in the night casting the sonnets of love into flight
Words are so kind for his pen is so quick he conquers them all for how he has wit
Many will say he is a great many will tell that he does not hate, love his only nature
Solitude finds him on rainy days where he lays so comfortably in his childlike ways
The wild eyed boy who sees through everyone with kindness seeking equality for all
With strong character giving his all a brilliant writer and lovely lad, a friend to have

Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Lovers

The dew has fallen it is time, the heavens are lit with a majestic brilliance
Oh the midnight hour approaches my favorite time, magical things happen
I stand before the mirror brushing my long auburn hair, heart pounding
Silence is golden yet my throbbing pulse bounds ever more clear
The moon has cast it's glow through the window, my silhouette he will see
Patiently awaiting the knock at my door as the hour comes nigh
How long have I waited it feels as if madness has struck, enchanted me
Ti's but a moment in time I think love might exist devour me whole
Drunken by the the smell of sweet perfume I lay upon this bed and wait
Oh how thy hands caress me in my dreams thy lips kiss me softly, my will lost
Taunting me daily with your beckoning pleasure consuming my thoughts 
Footsteps approaching I feel my heart race a knock on the door, I feel weak
The hour is at hand the clock is ticking, it's the magic hour, midnight is here
My lover has come for me to pleasure me with desires, to fulfill my needs
His hands will hold me gently, his eyes will look through my soul and know me
We will intertwine lock in passion embrace like no other so divine, lost so lost
Night will turn into day we shall still be embraced enslaved by the beauty of love

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Love

I am the one whom you fear to behold, but must
I am the one you long to touch and hold, and will
I am all that you desire within and hide from, but can't escape
I am the one who knows your secrets the dark ones you keep
I am the one you dream of when you wake and your sweating
I am the one when the sun is in your eyes you see me
I am the one who can only fully satisfy your every need
I am the one you call to in your sleep, oh I hear you
You are the one who opened me up brought me to life
You are the one who consumed me with your desires
You are the one who draws me to you, even now I wait for the day
You are the one who pulls me with your thoughts, I feel you now
Our souls are dancing in the heavens waiting for embrace
Our spirits are longing to trust, be lost enraptured in passion
Our bodies hot with anticipation and intent of the hour of when
This is the time of now, the beginning of beauty, love being made