Saturday, October 20, 2012

Until We Die

As the Sun follows me I birth a beauty only he sees, My inner self I save for him exquisitely, he is as carved perfection unto me.
When I look in your eyes I see what I want, when I look in your soul I know what I need, when I feel your heart beat I know it is mine, meant for me.
Stripped, basked in amber essence glowing warmly,  I move with such ease into his arms as the depths of forever call like a raging sea.
Moon Swells leaking tears of joy as the stars dance making melody before the Sun, galaxies light arrayed in colors to give delight.
I breathe you in swallowing your soul as it mingles with mine we become one to behold, two forces of nature bound by God
Love grips her like a vine choking the coldness from her veins forcing warmth to find its way inside, now undone beauty becomes her
Night skies bring such wonderment filled with delight, the sun not hidden from my sight as I prance along kissing the moonlight.
Hushed whispers in the night Sweet love without a fight, Gentle kisses on my lips met with ecstasy through the night, love undone
The sound of love tastes like chocolate, feels like satin against my skin, looks like sunrise and caresses like water, smells divine.
I have moonlight in my eyes, dancing under the stars, the breeze rustles through my hair without a care I fall in love again,  with you.
Tomorrow finds me in your arms wrapped in splendor, velvet kisses on my lips deliver the sweetest taste of comfort,  full of promises.
I find rest upon the moon then skip the cotton clouds to the arms of my sun, gazing upon Venus with lustful joy I succumb
Butterflies and cotton candy skies, my kisses softly placed gently above each eye,  snuggled warmly we now sigh and love until we die.


Love locked tight as a rose bud was my heart watered by your hands,  I basked in the morning light now blossomed In thy sight
The universe is mine as I live and breathe, the Sun shines upon me as I walk along the galaxies giving birth to stars.

I am the moon beaming, the stargazing blinding in your eyes,  hazel. 
 I am the beating heart of the rising Phoenix gazing upon her prey. 
The stars be hanging low, drifting in my dreams I go, walking about the universe, tiptoeing through the Milky Way looking for my love.

Mesmerizingly you stare as I peer into your soul speaking without words, the universe opens and I travel through time, aligning planets orbit around us,  all is electric.
I remember you drank my smiles for breakfast,  ate my words for supper, basked in the soothing sounds of our love making,  I remember  listening to the silence and hearing everything, the wind speaks softly my name as the rain drips against my window pane, we lay and languish love,  looking deep into thoughts of foreverness.......Foreverness

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In The Beating Of Mine Heart

The beating of mine heart echoes in my head like drums out of Africa,  a distant melody
Sounds of lulling wind calling me from long ago Yea,  I hear the cry of many
My feet have walked a thousand miles and my heart has laid in the fields of lavender
I have watched the chrysalis become glory, seen the eagle teach its young to fly.

The sparrow visits each morning without fail and I know my day is peace for sure.
Of all the rainbows I have witnessed none have compared to the beauty of the sun
I walk through the forest with outstretched hands and lift them from this land, beyond
Puffed clouds of white seem to come together beckoning me to flight,  unto the skies.

I travel through the galaxies,  touching among the stars looking upon the faces of memories
Wisdom cometh early,  visits in the morning hours, like pricks,  I glean the knowledge left behind
A fine honeycomb I savor, A fine wine I sip, good company I cherish and at last, the sun,  amor
Through the hour glass I view the sand, yea it is at half yet my journey has just begun no hurries.

My love I give is pure, it flows as a river one way, always home. and when I speak I command, softly
You can love me you can hold me but never keep me, I am free, a spirit meant to soar, upon the highest
I love without envy I give without hesitation, mine enemies have been few, yea I have conquered them
It is with in the mind you are free, when the mind is set free, your heart and soul are free indeed, Allah

I am like the water, even in silence still it is clear, my purpose laid out before me,  I walk in stride
The hour is at hand, time is at the door, we are living on the edge, revolution is on the rise
Keeping with the nuance elevating with peace, meditating and freeing my mind,  I find  bliss 
Like a melody of  Miles Davis and Coltrane you deliver love like liquid paradise in my veins, nice

I envision a future of perfection, though we are miles apart nothing can compare to true love, destiny
I memorize  your face,  each scar of life and I know each secret you hold deep with in you,  I embrace
I feel you when you think of me, I rise up and take note of thee walking about as if you were beside me
I am  a woman of strength., I feel your hand upon my shoulder as I carefully make decisions, unity

I am sure of my love, I am sure of my love, I am sure of my love, I am sure of my love yea, I am sure
Learning thy ways is painstaking, yet my vision, my dream my love. and still I remain free, from thee
A vow I have taken to love thee forever, never forsaking, oh how can this be when you're not here with me, and I wait still so patiently as time evades me secretly.

Looking glass, I can see what you have done to me, kept a rare beauty to yourself,  clipped her wings
Boasting of your love for me, keeping me in tormented  seas of never ending pleas,  trickery
The only thing promised is love, I trembled beneath you're touch warm familiar breath on my neck
My heart sings softly, where will you lead me? Dancing to and fro with beauty spilling out, seeping in

I stir the water waiting as it becomes clear, the pieces of life that were once broken have come together
My atmosphere heavy as the planets seem to merge as if I were dreaming, I feel the power of the sun
The day is turning into night, still the warmth of you're embrace brings the light, promises of forever
Mending wounds of yesterday, whispering love and solace for my comfort to sway, my heart now sings

In this perfection of  wakening you give your vow, we begin to build, the stars are ours, there is peace
Among the Lillies of the valley, all the rubies, the finest gold,  there is your kiss on my skin like satin
I lounge for you in the moonbeam, crimson red drapes across my shoulders and it begins,  passion
Tonight a bond is made souls come together, King and Queen become one flesh, love is love

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rain ~ Moon

Touching clouds with gentleness
I grace the earth with rain,
Causing thirst to cease
Yea my fullness still bright upon the heavens

Thursday, August 23, 2012


The moon, stars, sun, earth and all the galaxies thereof
move~ yet not without me.
It's  by grace I rise and sup with thee.
Sage~  #Quote #micropoetry #love


The sun moon and stars touching deep corners of my mind~
Intricacies of a universe conversing with the Gods~
As I wake~
Sage~ #Quote #micropoetry


As rain falls blessing us with nourishment~
So I eat of the honeycomb,
as perfection to mine soul
 and wisdom cometh to flourish~
Sage~ #Quote #micropoetry


Pouring conscious vibrations out on my peoples ear
lifting spirits on high daring to fly~
I dream of freedom from hatred prides ~
Sage~  #Quote #micropoetry #freedom #hate #pride

To Savor

Eat knowledge as if it were an honeycomb
Savor it becoming fat on the wisdom thereof~
Meditate keeping close all you acquire.~
Sage~ #Quote


Holding fast the bud,the stem squeezes ~
Forcing the beauty thereof to come forth~
Alas there is freedom to blossom, joy is born
#mictopoetry~  #joy ~ #Love~ #Freedom~ #bondage~

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Love grips her like a vine
Choking the coldness from her veins
Forcing warmth to find its way inside
Now undone  beauty becomes her ~
# microPoetry


moon swells leaking tears of joy
As the stars dance making melody before the sun
Galaxies light, arrayed in colors to give delight ~

Auburn Hair

Basking in the golden sun
Auburn hair gently falls across her face,
Hiding her green  eyes , kneeling she looks up
Accepts her blessing ~

The Sparrow~

The sparrow comes without fail
the sun shines even in the darkest hour,
Peace I find in the crevices of my mind to dwell

Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Rain drops form on his lips as I reach for him,  mine open,  like the sea parting as if a wave broke
Slow rising temperatures stir like a smoldering fire waiting for wind to catch bringing it out of control
My brain feels the flames,  my body shivers yet not with cold,  his touches,  breathing on me like a cloak
I am weak laying in his arms,  gently he guides me to him,  unbound  he takes control,  giving in,  faded
The tenderness of passion forces me to shake more,  he is hands upon my flesh,  he warms my soul
His heart beats a melody that echoes the beat of mine,  like a tree he stands with arms to protect me
He carries me,  lays me down,  whispers a Maxwell tune,  brushes my long auburn hair gently back, ssh
When he talks the sound of his voice melts me in the most spectacular way,  I am driven to breathe
I close my eyes seeing purples,  reds,  colors of blues that seem to meld into orange like a fire,  his kiss
The galaxies seem to light up for me as I stare into the night sky,  hushed by the calmness of his embrace
A mantra of love washes over me as he takes me places I've never been,  sacred waters flow through me
A sweetness I give only to him as I clasp tight around his body  we bind our bodies like liquid fire, ssh
Midnight has fallen upon us with a magic spell sending us deeper in the abyss of volcanic rapture
Time waits for us but seconds as we catch our breath,  though hours pass it feels like standing still,  fulfilled
With painstaking motions I open Like a ripened flower to his love,  like a sea of rolling waves I feel him
The world has stopped briefly and I gasp,  all the memories of yesterday flood my mind,  I am captured

Thursday, February 16, 2012

He Is Magic

He Is magic,  silken skin glistening in the pale moonlight my dream calling to me in the night
His lips form perfection his words drip honey into my mouth like water to my soul,  his kiss
Time has brought us a tapestry of love a canvas of colors to share as we touch together in bliss
He stands before me in his nakedness as a god baring his beauty and soul,  waiting for pleasure
The sea crashes onto rocks as our bodies begin to meld together with overwhelming desire
He whispers in my ear a poem of Africa as we make love,  He recites it over and over till climax
He cradles me in his strong arms and tells me I am sacred,  He is love my sun,  my shining star
Sleep comes to us and peace in our hearts,  the water is calm the earth is quiet  even in the shadows
As daylight comes I am wrapped up in brilliance of him and I together like the perfectness of  jazz
He is magic,  beautiful, subtle and loves that I love him,  the way I hold his emotions in a jar
Oh he thinks he is slick making my heart tick,  keeping me high on a melody of Sade,  rocking away
I will come down off my mountain for his love,  for his comely ways,  even put my feet in the water
 Purple flowers he gives to entice me,  Oh how I  love to come down off my mountain  to play
Sunshine raining down as we lay in the field,  sweet love we make as we promise our selves this day

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual Love

When I listen carefully I hear the angels sing, when I bow,  they call my name
My wings,  once broken by the winds of wrath,  weathered by the storm of my path
Oh boundless tales of courage will be told my foot steps forever taking flight
Flying above the clouds,  I soar like an eagle,  preparing my mind for battle with might
Under the ruling of the moon,  the pulling of the tide,  I am earth lavishing with pride
I am of  your dreams,  what you seek to find,  that calls to you in the night,  in your mind
The sultry heat upon my skin,  the feel of silk upon me,  I stand and savor,  swallowing time
Rising, taking note of beauty,  humbled bowing before thee accepting tantalizing caresses
Gentle winds gather speed,  flowing auburn hair freed, as universe my spirit meets, emblazoned gold
Dipping in the golden blaze, rising through the clouds I gaze upon you and all the splendor you display
Morning finds me beneath crimson red light,  warm,  few billowy clouds pass atop the meadow sweet
Seeking wisdom from wise doth me joy,  delights my soul from within,  I am pricked at thy sight
Astoundingly,  in eloquence I lay,  in wake of wonderment with chalice in hand, I bind with thee
Blood warms from sip of red, face glows with smile of fate eager to show the world our passion ignite
Kneeling you whisper,  as doves fly,  the sound of angels sing and the softness of your lips meet mine
Hands outstretched, clasping fingers of beauty sharing, energy flowing radiance emanating god kindness.. one love

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The world as I see it,  cold,  sometimes you say this is my time, you say this now 
This metaphor of love games, this love me not, a mind play,  my time,  you say
Starlit paths all paved with gold laid out for the wandering soul,  my time,  you say
Careful now fragile is the glass inside the cave belonging to mine heart,  my time,  you say
Oh sparrow,  sparrow,  where for art thou gone? Spring seems far from our time to sing
The sidewalks line up to see me come,  cheer me on to hear my words,  my time has come
I turn to see am blinded by the crooked ways of passersby flaunting before my eyes,  my time
I scream,  I shout,  the words come out,  no rhyme,  no medleys nor reason,  cries become my time
The crowd roars with jeers and shoves at me,  my time,  you say  my time,  you say,  oh,  not mine 
I turn to run you pull one last time,  a stab at my pride,  you take once more,  my time,  my time
Raped by the warrior of smooth words and alibis for,  my time, again,  you say,  want has come
Timid is the moment when the words locked up wont come,  oppression grips at me,  for,  my time
Love is my weakness,  so it would seem  locked inside of me now just a dream buried,  no time
Lost melodies falling away down by the brook side,  sunset brings the darkness,  hurry no time
Keep waiting,  just keep waiting,  tomorrow,  there is always tomorrow,  for,  my time you say,  my time, my time... when.. is my time

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grooving to a New Beat

The most lyrical phrases enter my mind while I just be gazing at your eyes
Time has stopped for a moment picked me up spun me around set me on high
I count the minutes in the hours of each day looking forward to the beat,  the sway
You have me in such a starlit way, dancing, laughing, singing,  I can't deny
Oh how the groove of  mine heart beats a different tune, toes in the water, carried away
Pitter-patter goes the beat,  spitter-spatter go my feet, whoopys-daisy, I slide, slide,  slide
I'm falling down, down, down the path again, what a lovely feeling to know,  round midnight
I'm caught in the shadow of your smile,  the warm tender ways of you,  lost in you're eyes
It never entered my mind until the right time,  I found myself in a sentimental mood, oh yes
I had the medley, Jill Scott tune, Sade night, a little Maxwell to set it off,  oh,  "After the Rain"  Coltrane
Then I realized I could not run anymore, you caught me, words, songs,  phrases,  I am undone
I am a soul seeker of the same,  a lover of love,  the wisdom of my youth breathes in me, longs to be
With you I feel alive mesmerized, on a distant high,  liquid jazz flowing through me as I swim this maze
The sky is colors I have never seen before,  purples reds and lavender,  hush now,  don't wake me please

Friday, January 20, 2012

"You" Gave Me My" Beautiful" Back

You gave me back my beautiful,  beautiful you oh so smooth with your words of poetry and jazz, my love's desire
My clouds are gone my grays are blue and how I smile is because of you, beautiful true beautiful blue
So taken with the splendor of imagination I paint my words in the atmosphere of love, stain the paper,  eat them sometimes to savor
He thinks I'm beautiful, he thinks I'm beautiful oh,  how he says my name, twice he does twice he does
Mornings sound like Sade singing " Kiss of Life" and nights like Coltrane, "The Shadow of Your Smile"
Yes you gave me my beautiful back, my hands twitch and my step is light, my eyes so bright, I'm blinded
The sun so shines on me, the moon follows me the stars twinkle at me,  oh yes you gave me my beautiful
How I looked before I do not remember,  I know I cast a magic spell,  must have done it very well,  yes, yes.
Oh I see how this is meant to be looking straight at me,  Mr. beautiful has cast his glare on me thats why I shine.
He is the "mirror " "mirror" on the wall thinks I'm the fairest of them all, wants to pull me in his dream with a magic seam.
All my smiles he made, all my happiness he gave, yes it's true I owe it all to you Mr. beautiful, oh do tell...
This story very well plays out nicely I can see,  for you gave me my beautiful back,  my heart is full, overflowing
Thank You for giving me my beautiful back sealing up the cracks, washing away all my empty days
Thank You for giving me my beautiful back walking with me step by step creating promises to be kept
It is the spring time of  my love just beginning when I hear your voice,  you,  gave this beautiful back

Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Touch Me

The way you touch me is just the beginning of a symphony, a rare orchestra of jazz infinity touching me
The way you touch me is like the sun caressing me as I bath in the beauty there of you touching me
The way you touch me is like honey to a bee, flowers in the wake of spring,  my blossoms touching thee
The way you touch me I wonder in awe at it all, the manor in which your hands reach to touch only me
The way you touch me with your eyes seeing all I cannot hide, oh how you touch me,  deep you touch me
The way you touch me is like a melody of whispers hushed in my ear, sweet savor upon my skin drenched
The way you touch me is like the wind blowing through my hair, I feel you though you are not here, touching me.
You touch me like no other, like rain on a hot august day,  like the fine wine and rose' the smell of lavender and peonies.
You touch me in ways that matter, I walk in grace because I want you to touch me, my days  are full of dreams of you touching me.
You touch me I tremble,  you touch me and I smile,  you touch me and I begin to melt, with such ease you have me,  touching you.
The way you touch me, is a tale of two lovers in the dark meeting vicariously, but falling in love forever
The way you touch me is warm, tender, slow, easy, never forsaking my heart, the way you touch me

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Melody Of Love

The sound awakens my ears as a melody of love is cascading down my veins
Tender is the sound of whispering love upon my neck,  lush echos of faded time
Drenched in a crimson sun set,  bathed in a warm caress,  love is taken,  tenderness
Fields of grasses line the plains as we lay and make our love,  basking in the heat above
I open to you like water to earth drinking you in,  you part my lips to taste of me,  divine
Sounds of music fill the air as essence fuels with care,  the lovers bed of majestic love
My spring in winter you are to me,  a field of ever blooming indigo,  Oh how I marvel
A mid summers night,  hot in july melding together as one,  never to depart,  you are to me
Oh melodious sound so sweet,  sing unto my ears as now you take me unto you my love
Doves hover early morning as we lay,  the dew still wet,  hushing me with your eyes,  we sleep

Thief Of Hearts

This day here for me how can it be I see not the readiness of it all
Tarry longer night I pray,  lingering dreams stay,  my drifting mind sway
Sun is rising warming me caressing me against my flesh,  Oh far moon I cry
Amid the dreary hours of dawn I seek to hide from you,  longing to fall back
Trickery has cast it's ugly shadow on my fate finding me wounded,  now I lay
Pleasantries shared igniting the bed breaking down my walls,  captivating my time
Thievery of mine heart as lies you spoke while eating my soul,  Oh woe is me
Time and space can only know the realm of truth the anguish of whats become
The Mountain you are the River I am still calm beside you flowing,  yet in spirit,  apart
The great moon weeping fills her Earth watering inhabitants as a great flood of pain opens
Whispers carry your works to my ears,  dreams bring visions of you,  Oh I see everything
I have tasted you and become one with thee,  you can never hide,  lest I sever thee
How quickly doth the hour change,  Oh the stars go out one by one still they are many
Earth and all the beauty wakes each day and meets the Sun its glory,  tarry a while longer I pray

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Wait

A Great woe has entreneched upon my mind leaving a scar deep in my heart
Each night I cut out my heart yet morning finds it full again, the Sun enters
We are the Stars, Moon, Earth, and Sun, this, our universe belongs to you and I
My world spun on a cloud with wings for a time, laughter in the air, smiling
The places I allowed you into, the walls I broke down for you, sacred love
Tapestries of time, echoes of days, lingering memories forever staining my space
Like shards of glass fallen from the atmosphere dreams shattered, erased
Raindrops fall like blood squeezed from my veins, pain unceasing, why, such splendor
The beauty no ordinary love perfect, you took without mercy, loved me without knowing
Promises you made you broke, my days now long, cold no warmth from you to hold
Even as I watch you still becoming, you create and thus we two shall share, when
What we started can't be undone when meant to be, the stars dance for us, shine
My soul calls for you in the night like a lioness to her lion, waiting, preparing
Greatness is found and follows greatness, peace is love in the abyss of our kind
Yet my eyes leak like the great welkin filling the sea crashing upon the rocks, mighty
Forever, my love for thee my words are heard through eternity, giving rise to thee
I shall not forsake my love for thee, but wait patiently abiding in the light