Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Garden

Safe behind the walls of my own creation I linger
Laying atop tussled grasses intoxicated by sweet perfumes
The lavender, roses and lilies, fill the air my senses moved
This my solitude watching the butterflies flit and dance
Birds sing their sweet melodious notes, Serading perchance
Dreams are made in this enchanting lair, only few are privy to
In the distance I hear the varied notes of the Cicadas song
As evening approaches bringing glory of color from the sun lovely
The Nightingale begings to sing her song to my soul, my love
The delightful eloquenc, tears that stream from my eyes the joy
I am weeping as the moon shines her pallid light, for loves delight
The sea it swells from all this of my bosom, magnificently doth fill
The stars seem to dance upon the milky way, ending a perfect day
Morning comes dew on my skin, warmth kisses me gently as I rise
The dragon fly startles me and to my surprise, alas you are here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If I Could

If I could, I would make you see me, all the colors that I am
The melody in my heart is playing an orchestra of love
I am as the sea giving rise to the earth and expanding all within
Overflowing my bounty like wafts against the great wall of tides
Emerging from the uninhibited ways of yesterday I wait for thee
Breaking down the barriers of time, escaping perpetual fear I flee
If I could, I would make you see all the the beauty I behold inside
My mind, body and soul, for you I would give them whole
I am like no other, created by the potter molded from clay by his hand
If I could make you see, you would ask me to stay, never leave
You come to me in the night, in the early light, I feel your breath
The kisses we shared sealed our love, our souls did unite you see
Waiting is hard for this is true, to looking into your eyes I saw myself
Until you push my hair back again kiss my neck, I sigh all the day
If I could make you see, how I'm longing for you even now
If I could I would show you now, what you are to me, you know how
If I could I would not hold back, and come now, If I could, I would

Monday, July 18, 2011

Again Lost

Do you see,I bet you do
Can you hear me now,open your soul
Your pain is swelling inside me
Day forges with the moon
Temtptress of the night comes for you
You feel it, I bet you do,I know
Take me down,no more deceit
oh my weariness grows in vain
Can you taste it,sweet now
You plead for more shall I give in
My very insides squeeze together
As my spirit swoones,I contemplate
Do you want me, I feel you here now
Again, again, again you say,consume me
Lost we tremble in ecstasy
Do you feel it now,I bet you do
Lost , again,always

Saturday, July 16, 2011


The amber lights glow along the waters edge
I drift endlessly out to sea darkness abounds
Only the moon lit so small no stars tonight
The waves gently breaking the sound echoing in my mind
I dare not dive into the abyss it seeks to swallow me whole
The dragon of the bottom deep lurks under circling, waiting
Ancient cries heard from afar, fear in my mind now I'm told
Salty air passes my lips the sun beats down on my cracked skin
Days have turned into night again, stars I see twinkling, cold
Nothing and yet everything, gone, how I long for the fields of green
Where am I now in this vast sea, where are the crags that I sat upon
Agonizing heat by day coldness by night, the hollows of mine heart bare
Swept away by the tide into an unknown world against my will, sold
A bargain price more precious than gold, kindness so rare so siren
Drifting asleep so deep, am I dreaming? I can't wake up.
It is raining I feel the coolness on my skin, my tongue, my face
I cry out no words form no sound I make no movement, to late

New Love

In the night I hear you calling out my name
Like a spider you carefully weave your web
So I am the moth drawn in by the flame
Tiny billows of rain trickle down my skin
I'm running now faster, breathless no shame
Evading all others and save only you
Bringing abundant love with whispers of hope
Embracing the realm of fiery passion anew
Shaking I glide like wings upon my feet
His touch so gentle his lips so sweet
In the distance the nightingale sings so true
New love is born on the canopy of the dew.

Deep, "Your" feelings for Me

Deep,the way your eyes look at mine
Deep,the rush of adrenaline in my soul
Deep, how close you press against me
Deep,how far you take me down
Deep,how much I am inside you
Deep,the thrill I feel inside you
Deep, for the regret I feel for the hurt I cause
Deep,the way I am lost in you,consumed
Deep,the way you are lost in me,consumed to be deep.

You Will

The sun washes over me warms my skin through
I look past the horizon my dreams carried away
The sand I put my feet in feels cold,yet it's hot
My shattered feelings scattered among all kenosis
Even unto the heavens my soul crieth out with no sound
The angels hear my sigh my anguish,my madness true
You broke down my walls,once in you boasted
Conquering my fears you made me trust,with sway
I feel you still haunting me though I try not
The sultry passion of once will not be,exist no more
This grip you have on me I shall break you will see
When you find me in your dreams I am running away
Gone now the static is failing, trust is broken.
I am more than your girl on the mountain,I am everything
You will never stop thinking of me, you will miss me.
You will see me everywhere ,you will dream of me.
I will not be there.I do not look back but I see.
I will feel you still feeling me the draw, the pull.
You know me, I know you this thing this impossible will.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I know my strength comes from within
Yet my bones cry out even weak now
Darkness covers the crevices of my mind
Shattered hope never more will be mine
Time comes for me to reckon with
Gone the days of tenderness and joy
Lost are golden memories erased by pain
Fear has found his home gripped so tight
Tortured undeniably,breathless from this fight
Anguish giving over to the hatred of it all
Promises made and promises broken,departure
My heart is frozen barely beats,not for keeps
I gave it all and still you wanted more
Someday time will stand for me I pray
I can smell the sea reminds me of love so free
A place I once was lost and free,by the water
My mind drifts back to a place in time so lovely
The sun still shines and the stars are bright
Oh how I dream to go back tonight, my love
This barren heart, my wretched soul can't be dead
Awaken me from slumber this dream I am having
Tell me my true love ,my passion is waiting for me
Oh great moon sink back into the ocean, bring out the sun
I need this vision of wrath gone and love to be here
Trickling down now tiny tears , I feel warmth on my skin
My heart is beating faster ,the blood is no longer cold
A whisper in my ear, is this madness? Are you here my love?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Girl on The Mountain

The girl on the mountain you want is me
I sit here longing for you under my tree
The day escapes me night encompasses me
Stars light my path to find my way down
My way back will lead me to you, oh I am
The girl on the mountain waiting for you
My ways are such you cannot resist my love
I feel you calling on the wind that blows
I hear you on the mountain where I stand
I'm coming, you feel me as I call to you
Wrapped in your vision of what is to be
Nearing you now my heart skips a beat
Sun is rising as we meet in the meadow
The first kiss of two lovers complete
I am the girl on the mountain you need

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Perfect Vision

Two souls yearning to touch,embrace
My thoughts full of fire of him
Time stops and leaves me breathless
My soul is mingled with his, enraptured
Passion like no other,given consumed
As we kiss our hearts begin to dance
He promises his gentle trust
Breaking all the rules I let him in
I rise to meet him, I am his now
He fulfills me, completes me
I remind him where he now belongs
With a whimper he says, always.