Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In The Beating Of Mine Heart

The beating of mine heart echoes in my head like drums out of Africa,  a distant melody
Sounds of lulling wind calling me from long ago Yea,  I hear the cry of many
My feet have walked a thousand miles and my heart has laid in the fields of lavender
I have watched the chrysalis become glory, seen the eagle teach its young to fly.

The sparrow visits each morning without fail and I know my day is peace for sure.
Of all the rainbows I have witnessed none have compared to the beauty of the sun
I walk through the forest with outstretched hands and lift them from this land, beyond
Puffed clouds of white seem to come together beckoning me to flight,  unto the skies.

I travel through the galaxies,  touching among the stars looking upon the faces of memories
Wisdom cometh early,  visits in the morning hours, like pricks,  I glean the knowledge left behind
A fine honeycomb I savor, A fine wine I sip, good company I cherish and at last, the sun,  amor
Through the hour glass I view the sand, yea it is at half yet my journey has just begun no hurries.

My love I give is pure, it flows as a river one way, always home. and when I speak I command, softly
You can love me you can hold me but never keep me, I am free, a spirit meant to soar, upon the highest
I love without envy I give without hesitation, mine enemies have been few, yea I have conquered them
It is with in the mind you are free, when the mind is set free, your heart and soul are free indeed, Allah

I am like the water, even in silence still it is clear, my purpose laid out before me,  I walk in stride
The hour is at hand, time is at the door, we are living on the edge, revolution is on the rise
Keeping with the nuance elevating with peace, meditating and freeing my mind,  I find  bliss 
Like a melody of  Miles Davis and Coltrane you deliver love like liquid paradise in my veins, nice

I envision a future of perfection, though we are miles apart nothing can compare to true love, destiny
I memorize  your face,  each scar of life and I know each secret you hold deep with in you,  I embrace
I feel you when you think of me, I rise up and take note of thee walking about as if you were beside me
I am  a woman of strength., I feel your hand upon my shoulder as I carefully make decisions, unity

I am sure of my love, I am sure of my love, I am sure of my love, I am sure of my love yea, I am sure
Learning thy ways is painstaking, yet my vision, my dream my love. and still I remain free, from thee
A vow I have taken to love thee forever, never forsaking, oh how can this be when you're not here with me, and I wait still so patiently as time evades me secretly.

Looking glass, I can see what you have done to me, kept a rare beauty to yourself,  clipped her wings
Boasting of your love for me, keeping me in tormented  seas of never ending pleas,  trickery
The only thing promised is love, I trembled beneath you're touch warm familiar breath on my neck
My heart sings softly, where will you lead me? Dancing to and fro with beauty spilling out, seeping in

I stir the water waiting as it becomes clear, the pieces of life that were once broken have come together
My atmosphere heavy as the planets seem to merge as if I were dreaming, I feel the power of the sun
The day is turning into night, still the warmth of you're embrace brings the light, promises of forever
Mending wounds of yesterday, whispering love and solace for my comfort to sway, my heart now sings

In this perfection of  wakening you give your vow, we begin to build, the stars are ours, there is peace
Among the Lillies of the valley, all the rubies, the finest gold,  there is your kiss on my skin like satin
I lounge for you in the moonbeam, crimson red drapes across my shoulders and it begins,  passion
Tonight a bond is made souls come together, King and Queen become one flesh, love is love

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rain ~ Moon

Touching clouds with gentleness
I grace the earth with rain,
Causing thirst to cease
Yea my fullness still bright upon the heavens