Thursday, February 16, 2012

He Is Magic

He Is magic,  silken skin glistening in the pale moonlight my dream calling to me in the night
His lips form perfection his words drip honey into my mouth like water to my soul,  his kiss
Time has brought us a tapestry of love a canvas of colors to share as we touch together in bliss
He stands before me in his nakedness as a god baring his beauty and soul,  waiting for pleasure
The sea crashes onto rocks as our bodies begin to meld together with overwhelming desire
He whispers in my ear a poem of Africa as we make love,  He recites it over and over till climax
He cradles me in his strong arms and tells me I am sacred,  He is love my sun,  my shining star
Sleep comes to us and peace in our hearts,  the water is calm the earth is quiet  even in the shadows
As daylight comes I am wrapped up in brilliance of him and I together like the perfectness of  jazz
He is magic,  beautiful, subtle and loves that I love him,  the way I hold his emotions in a jar
Oh he thinks he is slick making my heart tick,  keeping me high on a melody of Sade,  rocking away
I will come down off my mountain for his love,  for his comely ways,  even put my feet in the water
 Purple flowers he gives to entice me,  Oh how I  love to come down off my mountain  to play
Sunshine raining down as we lay in the field,  sweet love we make as we promise our selves this day

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual Love

When I listen carefully I hear the angels sing, when I bow,  they call my name
My wings,  once broken by the winds of wrath,  weathered by the storm of my path
Oh boundless tales of courage will be told my foot steps forever taking flight
Flying above the clouds,  I soar like an eagle,  preparing my mind for battle with might
Under the ruling of the moon,  the pulling of the tide,  I am earth lavishing with pride
I am of  your dreams,  what you seek to find,  that calls to you in the night,  in your mind
The sultry heat upon my skin,  the feel of silk upon me,  I stand and savor,  swallowing time
Rising, taking note of beauty,  humbled bowing before thee accepting tantalizing caresses
Gentle winds gather speed,  flowing auburn hair freed, as universe my spirit meets, emblazoned gold
Dipping in the golden blaze, rising through the clouds I gaze upon you and all the splendor you display
Morning finds me beneath crimson red light,  warm,  few billowy clouds pass atop the meadow sweet
Seeking wisdom from wise doth me joy,  delights my soul from within,  I am pricked at thy sight
Astoundingly,  in eloquence I lay,  in wake of wonderment with chalice in hand, I bind with thee
Blood warms from sip of red, face glows with smile of fate eager to show the world our passion ignite
Kneeling you whisper,  as doves fly,  the sound of angels sing and the softness of your lips meet mine
Hands outstretched, clasping fingers of beauty sharing, energy flowing radiance emanating god kindness.. one love