Saturday, April 23, 2011

To know me

You don't know me but I am the wind you feel gently brush across you're face, though the wind is not blowing.
I am the dream you have and don't know why the one you want to go back to sleep and finish.
I am one with vision, one with burden , with hope for the world in my hands I keep giving back yet
no one takes.
No you do not know me.
My color is Peace,  I speak to the animals and they lay at my feet,  I give them shelter from the unkind
You cannot comprehend my heart,  it's not mine own I have sworn it to love,  belongs to love fully.
No,  you do not know me,  my name is kindness,  my mouth drips humbleness it gives gifts to those in need.
My footsteps are light you do not hear me coming,  yet I come,  my voice is soft,  yet my spirit is strong.
No,  you do not know me, yet you will.
I cannot be defeated,  though you should seek to kill my flesh,  my spirit shall not die It will live forever.
No,  you do not know me.
My manner is comely and true,  goodness,  grace,  and forgiveness are my life yet I wield a sword  clothed in valor armed with might.
Now you know me, hush as I come for you in the deepest of night

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Dream

My flesh is soft as I caress it whispering into the stillness of night
My heart pounding gently, slowly as your name across my lips I speak
Our souls connect and intertwine like a fire igniting out of control
Yet our eyes have not met the tenderness of skin nor sight
I hear you though you do not speak, I feel you though you are not here
Ten thousand fleeting horses running full speed is my heart when I wake
My dream now, Is just a dream now, my dream come back again tonight.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Love

These stars are my tokens of love I spew out of mine heart like a fiery sea of love .
The ocean contains my tears I have wept for you whilst you have long since  been far from me.
The sun holds my love as a brightness which will shine upon me when the beauty of thy face I then behold.
The moon holds my sadness  as I dwell in the secret shadows the dark  places, the crevices
My shelter the trees, with their outward arms reaching for the sky as if to kiss it with gratitude .
My love my heart is full it is spilling over like blood flowing out of my veins shall I die unto thee?
The Path I have taken the road has not been easy yet I gladly bare the burden and scold unto you.
The wind it carries my sweet savor to you  my whispers of  promise, I pray you not tarry long
My love is pure tried by fire, burns from within my soul deep inside this I promise only for you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Music & My Relationship with it

Music to me is the very essence of my being it would seem it is part of everything I do If I am praying, riding in my car working out, cooking bathing, laying in the sun and always when I am washing my car! I feel it from my head to my toes. I am most moved by music more than anything else. Not just one particular kind of music but all kinds! I love it all. I love to dance, oh my goodness can I get down, I think I  was born to boogie. It must be the romantic bug that has crawled in me and won't leave. I think you have to have passion to be able to dance and to feel  music and let it take hold of you and move you. It is the same kind of way I am when I pray I give over to it. I guess I am the type of person who puts my soul into everything I do. My mother used to tell me I cooked with my soul. I am just now figuring me out, and I am a force to be reckoned with I think, not sure what that means but I am sure that I am meant  not to be handled the wrong way. I think one day I will be a free spirit traveling this world doing my thing helping people, listening to music and trying to enjoy the rest of my life. I do love to travel and I plan to do more! I think very much I want to be free. I am just to much for anyone person to understand, problem I think. My mind is always creating and my heart is always reaching for more. Music seems to sooth me more than anything. I spend a lot of time helping people with their problems, which is my goal, my job and that is fine but my time has to come.  I undress shut my door to my very large bathroom I designed get in to my wonderful claw foot tub with a nice bottle of wine turn on some slow jazz or blues relax and enjoy my view out my window..ahhh now that's whats up.
Have you ever danced in the heat of a summer rain to a slow jam? You have got to try it, but try it with feeling, warning: all fakers will be rooted out, I know. Just like cooking you have to put some soul into it, a little feeling in it, magic.
If you are not a born romantic you will not enjoy dancing in the rain, much less all that comes with it. If you are in a good spot Hmmmm, thinking.. okay now go do  some  music surfing. Music is my friend, it should be your friend too. Music connects people in so many ways. Find yours. Enjoy someone with a great tune. I promise you will not be disappointed.