Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chosen In The Night

Night is calling deep is calling, yes I hear you there
Is it darkness Is it light lurking in the shadows?
Winds of hollow down the valley calling me out
Running, I cry into the night why hast he chosen me?
Memory of the dawning morn of beauty rising up
Hope of ever lasting love eternal grip me tight
Shall I rest a while and catch my breath or haste?
Should I answer not my call, my victory to this fate
My lamp Ti's full of oil to guide me through the night
Hurry now, I think I will, I wake, I run now as I pray.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nothing Holds Me Down

Sometimes I want to run and never stop
Spread my wings and fly see where I land
I look around me I long to be everywhere
Nothing can hold me keep me down
My spirit is free my feet never touch ground
I'm careful and light, I love without fear,Ti's true
My Gifts are about love, peace and harmony
You don't know me so don't judge me please
Victory is mine bought and paid for
The sun still shines on me even at night
My song is pure it comes from my soul
I lay it before him the Angels doth behold
This day is not mine but his, he lends to us
I take and give and he gives back ten fold
I cry humbly to the master as he forgives my sin
 I have come undone without and within
Creator of all he is to me and my delight
Water to my body food for my soul
Healing to my mind,yes my worries my woe
Nothing holds me down when I have the masters hand

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My lovely

What do you see when you look at me are you thinking now of what will be?
My eyes are hazel and hold the key to your dreams of you and me don't you see?
Yearning emotions stirring deeply causing the very essence of my soul to feel warmth
Do you long to taste these lips so sweet so soft? My love to have you now I feel Id weep
Intertwining souls make love, but flesh there is no match so perfect is this sweet divine
When I shall take you in my arms at last for never to let go your beauty I will behold
I dream of you night and day I smile for you along the way, do you think of me ?
How I long to hold you now, I feel you wanting me, It burns through my body staining me
I know you dream of making love to me you wake me whispering my name
Oh how I feel you, almost if you were here ,wish you were, my lovely, my dear.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The River Deep

When I go down to the river deep I take the things of late to keep.
This time is mine this day is yours I pray It lasts till sun doth sleep
The tiny pebbles glistening in the sun reminds me of how your hair did shine
 Mountains overlook the valley  here where bonnets grow we laid upon
 Grass is thick with dew my love, the dark is coming fast I weep and weep
My dear I love the river deep, It holds your memory there to keep, my love
I know you'll wait for me, I'll find you soon,  beneath the river deep.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


They stand upon them high atop a heap so deep they nearly rot
Laughing all the while as they shove their pockets deep
Champagne toasts, and whores do boast and gaily nights abide
They come to you and seek you out with humble forbidden lies
Many say to you, he is good,  trust him, he's the way,  for I know him
I tell you now,  I can't get up for I am on the bottom of this pit,  you see
Taken in by brightly colored lights and flash and promises of hope
Down to where I fail to save my very last of cares, gone are my ways
Mocking treacherous deceit and wicked ways of  vanities of prejudice
Oh how they take and take the more never filling up wet appetites
We starve down here the little ones with nothing less than crumbs and fright
Heeding to the call of sanity I cannot find my way, my woe is great it finds me broken
Helpless in disparity we cling to thee oh Lord rescue us impoverished souls from they
Rulers killing dreams, wreaking havoc lapping up our joy, squandering Innocent lives
I taste their lust for greed, is spills down over me,  I feel them crushing me, and you and we.

Willows Weep

Willows weep oh how they sway beneath them now as I lay
Thy love, I dream of sweetly comes to me, as I pen my thoughts away.
Tiny whispers of butterflies gently press against my cheek, a kiss it gives so sweet
So grand the day to lull away ,whilst I lay and gaze upon the blueness of the sky
Of all the beauty in the land and sea I tell this true your beauty comes not neigh
I wonder still if sun forgets and stars shall burst their light, will thou shine so bright?
As flowers grow in beauty in the spring with their sweet savor you are to me, my love
A garden sweet and pure, a place to lay and linger in, and bask the night till day
Adorn me with thy kisses cover me with your warmth ,lay with me forever until
Willows weep and willows keep, willows underneath our tree we be.


I stand and gaze  into the sea, lost, I know it summons me
Calling out to deep, of mine poor wretched breaking spirit
Time to weep no more ,Oh how I long for never draining
Waves against the crags ,I taste the very salt upon mine lips
My sorrows great for you my friend have not returned
I search both night and day, watch the clouds roll away
No ships come, no ships go out by noon nor dawn this way
Tempted now to thrust  me in,  and join my love in time
But my heart quickens with beats , I save hold of mine feet
Climbe down to shore, my time is not yet ,I wait thus the more

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Oh sleep is not kind to me, will not find me
I lay here empty, fragile ,torn and betrayed
My incessant love for thee has been in vain
Dreams are gone ,vacant lost, quiet solitude
Tattered thoughts of once desires, wont ensue
I long to touch you still, my body aching, pain
Why my soul feels so deep sorrow ,will it go away?
I retreat but still no rest for me just weariness
Shall this last forever or will it end I pray thee?
A gift I gave to you and shared my very nature
Now you trample with your carelessness and pride
Ti's fear you have I understand, I know you very well
You see I know your name, I've seen your soul, It's beckoned me

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Transgressor

Disparity hungers out of empty bowels as dried up river basins
Thousands fly the staunching sky swooping down for prey
Alone they cry gnashing, clenching, thirsting unable to take rest
Forgiveness swallowed by the dragon of deceit, laid waste
Transgressors  murdered, hewn down by the armoured beast
Darkness runs into the day, a never ending site dismay
Mocking shameful lusts of blood spill down unto the land.
Hope was buried with humanity today love was swept away
My people left me here to die, they told me this would happen
I only took what was mine and yours and mine and theirs.
There is no place that I can hide to wander from this woe
Screaming night and day the fears that never end, help me now
I cannot pray, I wish could. my troubles are greater now, Please
I beg of you, yet you hear me not, they foiled me I tell you so.
One more chance I pray to you, I will follow where ever thou  go.
The voice of many, you will see in days to come the price you pay.

My Mountain

Oh the beauty of this land and the grace that it bestows
How quickly Time evades me as lay upon the peaks at dawn
I think My master made for me this wondrous land Yorkshire
Created for me to see whilst I lay upon these knolls in solitude
The sun doth caress me soothingly as I pen my thoughts away.
My peace my sanity, I find it all up here my secret place
My love I think of  you when Im here , my cat my family
I clamour down from mountain top, and breath the glorious air
In my soul freedom reigns, I know I feel it there release is come.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I gave my self away
Tomorrow another day
Yesterday forgotten gone
A memory  over hum
Chances come but once they say
Miss them every time
Running breathless hoping
Praying waiting watching

Two Perfect Souls

How the night has found me hidden in the corners of my mind
Drifting endlessly once again into another place and time
My body trembles with desires that only you can know
Shaking , rising to meet your body as it's pressed to mine
Gently tears flow now ,is this the way? you whisper low.
Lovers kiss so deep , two souls become one to keep
Together passion builds beyond just lustful thrills
Morning comes still interlocked two hearts bind
All I am I give to you ,all I have I share this still.
It seems you have walked right in from my dreams
I waited long yet I would wait a lifetime
This my love ,the beauty of, two perfect souls

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Why do you stare at me? Have you never seen Hunger? It is me everyday.
My name is is emptiness.
Look upon me if you will the streets whisper my name as I walk by thirsty.
Spit at me I know I am ugly, but once I looked like you.
Buildings of empty doorways shelter me at night, bags  and boxes I carry to lay upon
Walk on by it's okay, I wont tell.
The noise is my friend I would be lost without it, I have come to enjoy it finding solitude.
Sometimes, not often kindness finds me.
Coldness I am used to,  sleeping in the weather my skin is hardened by this pavement I lay on
Keep yelling at me cussing,  why?
Oh God , why is this world so cruel, I am just living not hurting anyone, yet they hate me.
Throwing stones, robbing me.
Never any where to go but a cold bench an empty street at night, nothing and no one but the lost.
Mongers, haters, selfish filled with pride.
Night after night they look at me, picking up papers I was once like you, I had what you have.
Jesus haters, Jew mockers .
Once I lived in the house on the hill, my house burned the oil in the lamps you waste, cars, screaming.
Preachers stealing money.
How you all waste, my piece of bread I savor, water to me is a treasure,  coffee rare, yes I am hunger.
You politicians and whores!
Wonderment never ends lies never stop, trusting is always beyond human grasp,  oh the sirens
Sleep is my woe, sleep is danger, nightmares, so hungry,  so tired.
War, peace, prayer, forgiveness.
My world, these streets.
Walk on by, they all do.

By : ChristiLynn Foss  First written in 1982.

A Mother & Daughter Love

This very breath I gave to you
You did not ask, still I made you
My body weak with labor I endured
My spirit strong to see it through
Bonds created,  not to be broken
All good and lovely things are true
Angels whisper a new song at birth
Rejoicing happily at thy sight
How I wonder in delight
Rosy cheeks and curly locks
A miracle to hold and rock
For a cherished love of mine
Forever my love through out all time
These two  Hands will hold in yours
A place so deep no one else can keep
Only a Mothers heart for a daughter's reap
On this day you were born of me~

The battle is O'er

In the distance their cries I hear I bare their pain and woe, Ti's grave
Fields are muddled with blood and bones, the souls of many are gone
The hollows of my mind are flooded, filled with screams of horror
Canst  thou waken me from this dream, I beckon unto thee?
Nightly lanterns burn for  the  wandering lost at sea while it gapes
Trembling, now I fear the master forgotten these shackles on me
My blood is cold the night is long and yet I  pray still the more
Mercy I beseech thee O hear me now for my spirit is come undone
As the Angels sing to me, I feel enchanted only moments sake
With visions of white  and doves in flight ,my heart is pure for thee
This  time  is won I have no breath, as for me this battle is O'er.

Do not Deney me

You cannot deny me you know you hear my cry in the still of night
The longing you feel against your body is me embracing you tight
I know you feel my soul is tied to yours for they mingle in dreams
I feel you call to me in the night a hundred destinies wont keep me quiet
This madness my mind is in is torture freedom  not my friend, but prison
Waiting at the sea whilst you stand upon your hill,where eagles take flight
Shall I come to you ,dost my heart dare trust in this  new great journey
For I have been astonished by your beauty from within and out you beam
I shall love thee with all that is in mine heart and wait until the end of time
As the angels beckon in the heavens so shall I sing unto you a new song
I will wear a pendant so you will see and it will shine as  a prism unto thee
The moon and stars will guide your way, until we meet we shall not fade
A promise I have made a promise I will keep ,my love tarry not to long.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


With every breath I take I feel you inside my soul
The sands of time will not fade till I have you to hold
My love shall not perish till thy face I will see
For I know we'er meant to be one for all eternity
Is this just a dream my true Love, will this be?
Your captivating smile has melted my very heart
Tenderly I long for your touch, your embrace
A lovers kiss as our passion takes place
Dawn awakens me the sun shines through
Alas I was dreaming, twas sweet my love of you.

My Soul

I love without fear as one blind
My hands are open to your touch
My way is goodness and kindness
Mercy is my nature I give it with such.
Freedom is my envy for all mankind
I long for the purest of love
My way is gentle and meekness
The scent of a rose in the early morn
The lavender blooming on the hill
The prayers of many who cannot pray
I am passion deeply thus this way born
The mighty come against me and they fall
I am covered by his blood, kissed by angels.
Blessed by the Father Son and Holy Ghost
My soul is fire like gold it burns a light
My shield and sword as I stand tall.
Ready for battle though I am still.
I hear the Angels sing like a mighty host.

Upon This Rock

Upon this rock I kneel and pray
My tears flow endless night and day
Haunting calls from the dark I hear
Where unto these shadows I fear
I cry seeking refuge from this pain
My soul is weary I fear in vain
As the angels gather triumphantly
Victors march with swords in hand
Blood is spilled out unto this land
Upon this rock I kneel and pray
Bring my love to me back this day

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Childhood Memory

I was five and it was a sunny day with a few puffy white clouds in the sky and out the back door I went to lay in the grass. We lived in a white two story home in a nice neighborhood, we had the biggest yard on the street, so I thought, really everyone had big yards but our yard really big and the woods were behind us.
My best friend lived up on top of the hill from me  I met her in kindergarten, we played almost everyday after school which was just about to end .
As I lay in the grass staring into the sky wondering about Jesus and God and the things I had remembered from Sunday school, I saw a butterfly, a "flutterby"  as Christopher Robin called them, and I thought Lord if you make me a butterfly I could fly up there and see you.
I would ponder for a long time about how I could get there to see God and birds would fly over I would ask him to make me a bird because I wanted to come see him so bad and bounce on those puffy clouds.
Days went by and I could hardly wait for school to get out so I could get home and lay in the grass and look up in the sky and have a little talk with the God . Then out of no where I heard a voice speak to me It was very soft but like a fathers voice strong but quiet. I did not think it was scary or strange I just would talk to him like I would talk to anyone else and I would tell him all about my day  and ask him things and he would tell me things ,some things that I did not quite understand very well at first.Then I started to have dreams many dreams some were very scary about wars and about floods and earthquakes and so many people dying I would wake in the middle of the night screaming. Then I would talk to him about these things . It went on for years .I went to church I think when I was 12  I was preaching for the fist time was in the youth group and on the prayer chain and if you have not guessed by now I went to a church that was a full gospel church.
My parents did not go to church, but made us kids go. My aunt Clara who was like my second mother to me was so very inspirational to me growing up. She is a Christian still and is 80. She is also a great Artist.
These Memories of me when I was younger  are like they were yesterday. I still remember lying in the grass , I can still see those same puffy clouds, and I can still hear the Lords voice as he speaks to me even though sometimes I may not always do as he says.
It is hard these things sometimes he asks of me. I know that my job is  different. I know that I am probably not where I should be.Journeys are hard to make sometimes. They require  so much of you and you have to be willing to give all you have when you make your journey.Once in a great while we can take the wrong way and end up on a wrong road and find we are in a place we feel broken or abandoned or maybe lost. Then that is when you pick up and move on and journey  till you find where your feet are meant to be planted and rooted. Without roots you will not grow. I feel like sometimes I am not growing anymore, I have let my roots get knoted up maybe I dont know I will have to work on it. I know I have a big job to do.My spiritual journey has really  changed in recent times, but I know it is calling me.I have a heart so full of love it is hard to contain and I know I need to help those that are in need.Some days I just want to lay in the grass and thank God for the beautiful flowers and trees and butterflys and birds and all the lovely people he created and the puffy clouds ... and sing to him like I use to do as a child and he would sing back it was so lovely, I knew I was truly loved by God.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time Fades

I have longed  for the warming of the sun on my face, these nights cold no embrace.
Time is cruel takes no care for heartache and despair, brokenness neigh my friend I love.
The whispers I hear in the depths of my mind remind me of my youth, the memories of you.
Spellbound cast down riding on the waves of a dream, slowly awaken empty and abased.
Entreat me now my love I would pray,for my time doth slip away marvel not at my life.
Moons have come and went yet they will come no more for me, til judgement day I will see.
Upon the golden shores I will stand and walk unto the promise land,I shall soar upon high.
Remember not my pain, nor sorrows for they are many burdens I bare for those who wait.
I will remember you, all of you and those who have touched my life in so many ways.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Even IN Death

The waters wash upon my feet I stand here waiting at the edge for my love.
The night skies are dark  and the stars are bright I seek your face I pray.
Oh the depths of my soul still is haunted and bleeds at last by your memory
My Song is carried by doves in the early morning over the ocean it brings
Time will not heal this pain nor encompass this agony left in mine heart.
How I long for the swallows to lull me to slumber that I may sleep in peace.
The rain is like ice upon my flesh and coldness in mine throat I bare it not.
When death comes to me I shall greet it with joy for then I know Ti's you I"ll  see.

I Stand Alone

I stand alone, in this place I chose not to which I was planted.
I am beauty ,grace and strength , a high tower for those seeking refuge.
Mine arms are long, and full and carry the burden of many who come.
The birds they sing to me a love song in the mornings after a rain.
My colors change with the seasons, but winter I have not much shelter.
Lay down at my feet and take comfort, I shall shade thee from the sun.
Night blooming Jasmine brings the humming birds to field I stand alone.
The dew wakes me in the early hours and calls my branches forth.
The sun warms me  turning my leaves a golden yellow by autumn.
 The moon and stars, they light my way through the night lest I should  sleep.
So come, and take shelter here with me I will give you rest under this my tree.