Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Am Free

I stand before you bearing my soul,  oh,  how dost thou judge me now?
I,  the welkin full weeping,  you,  the sea overflows and abandoning me
My Echoes scream for mercy's sake angels bend ear to my heartbreak
Oh,  thy hands around my throat I feel them crushing my very breath, depart,  I say!
This day mine eyes have seen true, the wind that bloweth not your way, but doom!
Waking from the wreaking howls the bellows of the hounds from hell, I stamp my feet.
I run, for strength it gathers upon my bones like moth to a flame, I am me again
Loosed from these chains you bound me in, free to sing lovely now Am I, and high!
Reaching for the stars they shine on me glistening as I raise my hands, oh great moon weep no more!
The sea so calm it flows peaceful blue, my vexed heart though once longing for you, happy am I
Shadows find me no more hiding, waiting or watching, with freedom I fly where the eagles touch
I walk my path down off the mountain to the river which flows so free, I sit alone and think of me.
I have come undone, found myself, broke the bonds that held me down, never again shall I let you in.
Ti's a wonderful feeling to be free, a slave to no one, being just me, unattainable unless I agree.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I know You

Shall I live for you and you alone
Shall I give for you and you alone
My time is it mine and not yours, or ours
My freedom have you stole it or hidden from me 
My dreams have you mocked them
Can you see me as I stand In front of you
Can you see me as I run to you for help
Tears they flood the river deep, this I hate
My time will come you will see you cannot hold me
My wings will mend I will fly again sing my song as the Nightingale
Shall I live only for you or shall I give only to you, again I ask
This I ask of you, do you know me, do you feel me, do you see me at all
Can you tell me how I feel,  can you tell me what is real, how my soul reflects
My color do you know, my music do we share, how do I feel when we touch 
You do not know me at all, these things are great not small, important to us all
This is love and how it works, a touch,  a smile a warm hello, but knowing me you do not
My secrets still safe in my heart, my memories never depart, you think of nothing,  this you say
How I know you day by day,  yet long to know more I pray, this is all.

Still I Stay

Dreams are a reflection of your soul
Carrying the weight of truth to behold
Time is eternal waiting for no one
Abyss is deep like mine eyes they see
Truth is hard yet sets you free, no animosity
Forgiveness sacred to you and me, for them
Healing occurs when you allow the sun to shine
My will not mine own still, the days grow shorter
I stay for my faith still so hard from the pain caused
Freedom I long for, soaring I want, my journey far
I'm torn and pinned to this frame, hung on this wall
Moments of fleeting happiness pass before mine eyes
Soon the moon beams the sun rises the days change again
Subtle as a look from a stranger the Autumn wind blows
I feel a warm caress on my skin and run through the Fields
Lingering thoughts of what could be I feel the drop of rain
I begin to run feeling free smiling now, as if I am flying free
Then I wake to be, still here, sometimes lost, sometimes found

Friday, September 23, 2011

God Knows

The river still flows the pebbles are still under my toes and yes God knows
Ti's the pallid moon that hangs in the sky which looms over me hauntingly
Oh madness you call like a lost lover in the wilderness leave me be I beg of you
The billowy clouds that dance above my head I hate now maybe for just today
My sentimental heart has a missing link you stole, as you knew you would
Time for me unbearable though I seem happy and smile for you I know you see
Pain is my friend for a time I allow for a while we comfort each with knowledge
So you know me yes you do and as always I still love only you but why, how?
The brokenness I let you cause is building only strength,everyday a new beginning
I shine even though the sun is not out and it is raining, though my heart aches for you
Your arms still hold me tight you still tell me how lost you are in my dreams, so close
As I sit here on the river bank and dip my feet in I see my reflection, where are you?
God knows I really love you will love you always, you wanted me to tell you where you belong
I am strong, I bleed, I give, I take, my time is valuable my love is pure and wont be wasted

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lingering Thoughts

For all the beauty that I feel I see
For all the beauty within I breathe
These feelings I will not forget
My heart beats against your chest
A perfect match the rise unrest
You fill my mind,  consuming my thoughts
Your smell still lingers on my skin
Your kiss I can not forget so soft
My body longs for your touch again
Though a million moons will rise
I shall not forget the splendor of us
Our love we held for a moment so beautiful
The way you held me your eyes,  the gaze
I miss the tender way you said, "always mine"
I love you, I always will, my edge of desire
Time makes no difference this will not die
Drawn by the fate of undying passion and fire

Friday, September 9, 2011

A memory

My eyes have taken all in the beauty of you which I can no longer possess. These pangs beat as drums against my walls echoing a memory etched upon my soul. Oh how doth my weeping fill the welkin bursting as a rain cloud drowning all land. Why hast the sun not found me she has hidden her light casting weariness. Mine arms still reach for you as the night is hardest it throws it's cruelty at me. Seeping through the corners of my mind I feel you there clawing at my senses Yet my fears over whelm me breaking down my walls crashing into the sea lost. Canst thou hear the tears falling like rain streaming from mine eyes welling up . I have incised a piece of mine heart burying it forever from the ebs of darkness. Shallow is the day now moon light finds me shuttering on the edge of madness. With daggers you peirce my wretched soul as if to kill me daily with your love. Then has fury found me lain upon my bosom smothered me till I feel my ghost. Each star bares a name of which one is yours I shall cast it down and for thee keep it. My meadow has grown waiting the lush of my flower ripened yet you hewned it down You drew me in like a hunter till I succumbed then broke me as a lamb wounded. How weary now my my love is how sorrow mocks me in vain as you stole my sacredness. For only a time the nightingale sings and the cocoon opens for the butterfly and the sun lights. Then thou hast broken the spell of love the power of all that was the shining glow of us. My heart feels that which no one sees that which no one can match how I did let you in. You stained my spirit my soul my life my heart my mind with your love and swept it away. Oh hearken angels hear my cry deliver me from my pain give me wings so I must fly. Carry me over the mountain lay me at the top and sing the whispers of dreams once more.