Friday, October 28, 2011

MY People

Waking daily I hear my people, they cry pain, I walk out wanting change, today I have a dream
Rules made, children bath in glory of hate, gang signs,  streets of battle violence and crime not my vision.
My people cry,  yea they cry help me, so,  goes the stranger in the night the lost they fight, blood spills
My time is now,  though I come from the fields,  the jungles, hills of the city,  the wrong side of right.
My people have brought me about, raised my spirit and taught me out, I give, while I take to the streets
Damned these times that bleed on me causing me to loose my victory, strength in my fathers name,  I pray.
Mother against child, brother against brother,  this war,  my soul, You know not what you do,  this I say, truth
Eternity will pass before I sell out, my blood is real, I engrained you all in my minds eye keeping watch
Love for you in me is deep, this I do for my soldiers, the valley may be low the mountain high, yet we grow.
The strong will survive, the weak I will carry, time is come.  I have this dream for change in my people, rise
Honor is a defense for our kind, running is what I did before, Im out,  never forgetting where I came, still.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Sun

You are to me as the sun which giveth light unto the world making it brighter
I am as the earth to you absorbing this light taking in giving back life
The moon, the great welkin doth not weep for she shines full of joy of night
The stars dance for us like billions upon billions of fireflies across the sky
My skin feels electric as you draw nearer to me, like two halves being made whole
The spinning of the earth stopped for a moment bringing you to me,  like static
You feel like spring time in the winter that has come to full bloom in my heart
In your eyes I see the rainbow in different colors,  you bring new life and such peace
The poetic way you speak found its way to my soul opening doors to mysteries untold
Your great fullness that I love you, I'm sworn to,your humbleness to love me,  I'm bound to
The mountains I would move for you, the sea I would swim for you, nothing I wouldn't do
My love,  my dahling,  for you I would lay down everything,  I am yours  for eternity,  true

Saturday, October 15, 2011


As the waves come in from sea to shore your lips meet mine tenderly so sweet
The moon swollen giving light against the dark of night, no stars to shine
With each crashing of the tide our our bodies thrust in the pallid light
Wanton pleasures kept so long dancing souls unite, a firey passion doth ignite
Sing to me my love but gently in my ear as you take me now,tell me not to fear
I rise to meet each move with you as one,ten thousand horses runing beats my heart
Slowly falling deeper into desire, love is growing stonger born in the night
As the sun rises you look down at me,without words we know we are now complete

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still Strong

So tired of this mindless chatter,won't have my dreams shattered
I cant waste my time on empty space wont let you leave me tattered
I'm free a spirit you cannot break, yes I'm here I see I know I feel
Time changes the wind blows the heart knows yet you sit on your throne
Freedom, you can't touch this, doors open they close then they lock, blocked
Nothing what it seems, people don't know their own identity ,nothing matters
You speak with an honey from your lips, making me succumb, though I will walk away
Powers in me I possess for me to share with only who I choose,you may attest, and still
My path I walk alone, you think you can step into my world, turn it upside down
Beautiful yes you are to me more than any I see,the way you speak, perfection
What is this time this space between two, a line crossed a world entered or left
You don't know me but I'm the air you breathe, wind across your face whispers in your ear
Oh you feel me but you still don't know me , I'm like no other wise beyond my years
I recognize the possibilities of the night the situation of the time, the hour at hand
The melody of my heart you may never know as I say Im free, I dance where the eagles meet
I wait for no one, I will not bend my spirit is strong, I am a woman of substance
I would lay at your feet as your queen shower you with a passion so deep,unquenchable
Take notice of the stars that shine in mine eyes the fire which burns in my bosom
I am the well full of fruits ripe,secrets only one will share, a flower in bloom
The day is long into the night thinking of you as you say you think of me much,show me

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Path

Standing in the field just beyond the willows the sun rises cascading light upon my skin
Ode to the night for dawn is here in such delight I find myself swept away with a breeze
Walking along the path,my path the one only for me, I keep for myself I stop think again
It's just a thought a sweet melody enraptured by flesh entwined wrapped together a tease
My eyes look to the beauty which he possess my earth is moved, my hair sways in the wind
I begin to walk faster,heart racing I'm approaching the city away from my path,I see
Concrete,the cold feel against my feet, I love the noise so loud the hub of the crowd
He is here, from a distance I hear the sound of his voice coming form inside,I'm in
I walk past him as he turns and brushes up against me catching the scent of my hair,breathe
Does he know I have been watching him, dreaming of his touch, his lips upon mine,he stares
Sitting down calm now I drift as he begins to sing to me,he knows, he trembles inside now
Slowly looking away I blush, he comes to me, we dance as he sings my lips quiver,sweet sin
As he gently puts his hands to my face pulls me to him we are now locked deep,souls recognize
Fire is burning mingling together a passion stirred by desire on the edge, loosing control
It begins to rain and I find myself back on my path again, was this a dream, or real