Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drawn In

He is like static to me
Wakes me in the night
Drawn in by his power
One touch makes me whole
His kiss leaves me breathless
The touch of his hands soft
My heart pounding with passion
He is dreaming of me I know
I want to lay in this abyss of love
My will not my own surrendered
Lost in desire given to the night
Trapped in this flame we bask in the glow
We have this night this we share
Just between us always to care

Friday, June 24, 2011


The beauty of love and all it's splendor it fills my soul complete
A tacit smile a soft kiss a more than chance when these two eyes shall meet
My heart over flows with delight soars as an eagle taking flight
An autumn moon to dance under, the stars above to gaze upon into night
These perfect things are you my love,passion tenderly you give is mine my love
Daisies in the feild lifting their heads smiling at the sun while we lay and linger
My love how can I ask for more than the beauty of these moments with you

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Tree

Time fades away memories of old, casting new light to behold
Springing forth from from depths within are calling like the wind
The tide of surging waves ensue and flood my soul ,I'm anew
Morning light shines so vivid casting her light upon the earth
Beauty unfolding before my eyes as I journey down this path
How the singing of the birds do lift me,reaching now for you
Oh to walk these hills to climb this mountain still,I soar
I am free to be myself my love thou canst expect no more.
You will find me under neath the old oak tree one Sunday morn
Waiting,writing maybe sleeping or dreaming the day away.
Until my dahling,keep loving me,I'll wait beneath our tree.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lovely Dream

The sun has nearly touched the horizon
Longingly I lay beneath it dreaming
The heat from the day still hot upon my skin
Soft breezes blow gently caressing me,
Passion welling inside hot desires unfold
Wondering now if he's thinking of me,wanting me
Slowly now he comes to me, brushes my hair back
Places his hands on my face and kisses me deeply
I shudder,hot dripping with sweet sweat
We make passionate love as tears fall from my eyes
It's just the rain he says dahling, wipe your face.
Laying for hours under the tree then I awake to only me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dawning

From the dawning of time you've heard me roar.
Speaking in Languages understood by all
Beckoning unto mysteries of hope ensuing
Hatred amongst the weak, futility craving seeks
Haunting waves of destruction bares names of men
Pearls and beauty mingled with blood and wine
Whores and flesh corrupted minds, dragon fury not far behind.
Departing silence heard in streets, empty waste barren
My name you cannot know for you are blind,and fools.
I come like a whisper with a mighty sword,oh swift
You perish daily for ignorance sake,the great city of devour
The stars are mine the moon earth and sun, now is the hour.
Rising in the distance look to the hills from the North I come ~


Grace beauty eloquence
Dreams echo happenstance
Brokenness not weakness
Vision light abundantly
My wings invisible yet are there
You cannot break me for I am broken
Power comes from within
Strength Honor Glory
Have you not heard the story?
Peace Love Forgiveness
Joy cometh in the morning
Love pure compassion
Hope eternal everlasting

Monday, June 13, 2011

I love You

I love you so much Ti's your Heart that causes mine to beat.
I love you to the point of madness when your face I cannot see.
I love you now tomorrow, yesterday, and until eternity.
I love you because it's destiny written in the stars above.
I love you not because you ask me but out of sheer nature Divine
I love you as the sun gives beauty to the world without only darkness and death.
I love you like two souls on fire that cannot be quenched unmatched by desire.
I love you like passion calling in the midnight hour unleashed, wild and free.
I love you like the deepest sea and the roaring waves of their strength.
I love you like the gentleness of the purest soul born of a child.
I love you even when you say you know me not and still you look upon me.
I love you because I am love in all it's purest forms I bleed, I am, I want I need.
I love you because you mirror me, your soul attracts my love, in thee I strive to feed.
I love you because without you I cease to exist when all I am is in you alone.
I love you like the warmth of the sun that kisses it's earth in the early dawn.
I love you like the ocean that swells with fierceness and shows mighty strength.
I love you beyond any words I can comprehend more than days of this earth.
My love I give without doubt, shame, remorse or fear to you my love only you.

The Shadow of Death

Yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it stings me not
I find little peace in this  temporal earth, shrouds of heartache cloud my mind
Corners of darkness line these streets, ignorance lies in wait for terrors sake
Liberation of freedom's right spoiled by hatred by the mighty,taken from the weak
Disparities of scourge and sinful lust, eaten with the filthy hands decked with pearls
She says come, dine take of me and you will see all revealed to you, envy, misery
Souls with riches flowing in drunken state, captives lost and deceived, grace gone
Promises broken dreams destroyed, weak cries out for mercies sake, wandering lost
Mindful of this changing world, watchful of this dragon beast the fire it hurls
Fighting with sword in hand for soon to head to promised land is victory for me
Still I watch and wonder why they seem content in filth beckoning not on high
I sing in hope the blind will see the ignorant learn and hate will love, conquering evil
I love your soul your light, the breadth of all that is within, with all my might.
I pray for peace to fill you now loose your mind in humbleness, strengthen, inspire
Love is boundless knows no end, for eternity it shall be hope for all to see, be free

I am

I am as the Butterfly aloof and carefree.
My spirit guiding me shimmering in moonlight
Serenity lives inside me, brokeness a friend to me
I love you more than words can tell, I shudder to unveil
Forever I float on an endless sea, adrift in dreams
Searching night and day longing to be carried away
I sing these sonnets for you in the midnight hour
My soul engulfed in beauty, pain and gentleness
The heart is full of want and desire,but truth will win
I am as the butterfly,I long for the sweetness of your taste
Tenderly I pray for love to find it's way to your heart for me
A new days dawning as hope reflects it's light,be still and wait.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Stillness

In the stillness of mine heart it haunts me
Direction gives way to divine inspiration
Deep calleth the deep, shallow bury the dead
Hinds feet seek high places stumbling not
Tide has risen against the wall crashing still
Mighty winds brought forth out of anger doth blow
Yet strife continues to rise beyond the gates knocking
Pearls and swine are cast in fire thrown in streets
Humbleness is comely now waiting passing through searching
All time of borrowed love and money owed, hate, waste
The haunting stillness of mine heart laid open discerning all
Memories of yesterday times before and to come what will bring
The quite hours of night the stillness it looms a deep darkness
Quickly as the the Sun comes into forge I rise take notice of the victor
The stillness gone for all is due the noise brought apparent now.
With staff in hand collecting souls opening his mouth for to take his due

The Nightingale

For me to be as as the Nightingale free to sing , trembling ecstatically
Visceral love, shrouded heart knowing pain, yet I wait on thee
I have searched and none compare for perfect is the soul you wear
Sonnets sing I hastily cry aloud my love boasting earnest rivalry
Enraptured by the splendor moon as she shines her peaceful light
Journey captivates my mind while takes me by the hand I pray
Seasons come Fate wont chance,Ti's powerful beyond measure
Oh to be as the Nightingale free to sing, free to sing, free to be
Timeless Currents wash away the pain and sorrows of long since
Awakenings of passion come flowing through giving me hope finding you
Sing Sing Nightingale the song of love to me, all the days forever love, sing to me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trust Me

Hot as the western sun his hand
Yet gentle as a lovely flower
Soft as velvet are his lips to mine
Dancing in the midnight rain
Summers heat of lust we make
Taunting teasing caressing  take
Soul to Soul climax is made
Binding now shall not be broke
Forever two will now be one
No more sorrow no more pain
You are to me as the stars above
My heart is yours it's in your hands
What is left you have it all
Trust me now I am  truest love

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Friend In Me

I saw you on your mountain high tears of pain buried inside
I prayed for peace to fill your heart and comfort to touch you
I knew not from where you came, only knew your given name
My burdens honest and true a decade or more of loving you
Many a time spent walking through your peaks and valleys
Watching over you, trials of disappointment came and went
 Bended  knee I spent wondering why I was called to see
You have a heart of truth and love, a gift that's given from above
The honor broken will be healed, Ive prayed a thousand days, and still
Angels sing a song of hope, for love will endure again you'll see.
Time is careful to mend the heart ,while prayer lifts the spirit high
My friend cant you see, you were sent to me,why not believe
The day you sat and drank your spirits till you cried yourself to sleep
I prayed with you till morning light, held you tight and new just what to do
I feel your sadness, your love and know you will soar again, don't deny
The rock you stand upon to gaze out unto your land, you will again be free.
Take refuge  and comfort in knowing you have a friend, always in me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Midnight Hour

I have loved thee from the moment I first laid eyes on you,  this is true
You did not have to speak your beauty encapsulated every part of you
I have wished upon the stars for your love to come unto me and shine
Beckoned in the midnight hour till the angels heard my earnest cry
With scents of rose,  lavender and vanilla I adorned myself.
Waiting for ensuing passion to consume my every being
Tenderly you come to me , and tearfully I accept all of you
I have waited many years for this truest gift and fate hath brought
My desires are here to stay, how can this be? I waited day by day
Have they been in front of me peering through for all to see but me
Wretched is my fear now, I worry that it's near, drifting away
Shall I stay? Entreat  me now or cast me aside, forsake me not or keep me here
Oh how confused the corners of my mind are fighting against my haunted head
Tortured loved I thought was dead has clutched me now  and wont let go
Where hast my true love gone, my heart my soul my perfect love, the one I waited for
The clock it strikes the midnight hour, the clock it calls the midnight, hour I hear it now.
How the noise it feels my head I can only wish for dead the poison of the rose is bitter.
The lavender's smell is putrefied, alas I drink vanilla tea and think, he wont remember me
My body aches of hot desires of once kindred spirits two hearts did share, two lips so sweet
The clock it stikes the midnight hour, the clock it calls the midnight hour, I hear it now.
Ti's sweet and lovely pure, ugly too, oh poor pitiful you, I really love only you
Do you hear the clock as it strikes the midnight hour, the midnight hour maddening hour

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sometimes I run  fast as I can through the fields across my land
I wonder if you even know how thoughtless one can really be
Mountain tops my favorite place to hide away my aches and pain
The trees they seem to whisper in the wind as i sit and linger within
Even night will fall and so it shall not worry me I find peace, refrain
Solitude is for the soul, refreshing comes, a cleansing brings a new
Dawn will find me still upon my rock, found , I've made my stand
These days they find me wanting free as eagles soaring high above
My spirit longs for freedom leaps for joy yet I find it caged and bound
Running, always running through the fields chasing dreams that will never be
Rainbows and moonlit nights, seashells and shooting stars, daisies and lavender
Roses,the sweet smell I bask in the glory of the sun, the beauty of all I've found
Timeless are the treasures of love, yet Ti's a cruel fate when it is gone have none.