Friday, March 18, 2011

The Power of Love

Well how to love the people who hate us is tough right? It is a tough job to love for some people period for they have never felt compassion,nor do they know the term empathy. So many people choose to judge one another about the way they look or the way they dress the religion they practice the person they choose to love , all these things are forms of prejudices and that is a form of hate which is opposite of love.Our creator has taught us that the greastest gift is "love" it is the best thing we can do as we live and breath on this earth that was on loan to us, created for us by God, spoken into existance. It is not for "man" be him a preacher, preist, pope, or phropet, or, anyone to judge another man's walk with his spiritual creator. We all will have a day of judgement one day al of mankind will stand one day before God, but it won't be on this earth, it is not for man to judge and say who is right or wrong, you have one duty and one duty only and that is to LOVE everyone even your enemy . I know it is hard, so hard, and if anyone has the right to say that it is hard it would be me, for I have been through some really trying times. I have been through the wilderness  my friends I will tell you that . I spent a long journey fasting and praying many a time looking for spiritual guidance, the longest fast I came off of was 21 days after the first 7 days no food I was fine the rest were a breeze sort of but the spiritual cleasing that came with it was amazing. I gained so much clarity so much insight , I was able to forgive some people that had hurt me so deeply that I did not think I would ever get over and now I can love again... It was a long journey. My friends understanding the power of love is knowing Gods wisdom and it can take you to knew heights regardless of what religon you are or who you are he does not judge "you" it is a heart matter your soul is what he looks at not your outward appearace or preferances, but what is your heart? you can not lable a HEART.


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