Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual Love

When I listen carefully I hear the angels sing, when I bow,  they call my name
My wings,  once broken by the winds of wrath,  weathered by the storm of my path
Oh boundless tales of courage will be told my foot steps forever taking flight
Flying above the clouds,  I soar like an eagle,  preparing my mind for battle with might
Under the ruling of the moon,  the pulling of the tide,  I am earth lavishing with pride
I am of  your dreams,  what you seek to find,  that calls to you in the night,  in your mind
The sultry heat upon my skin,  the feel of silk upon me,  I stand and savor,  swallowing time
Rising, taking note of beauty,  humbled bowing before thee accepting tantalizing caresses
Gentle winds gather speed,  flowing auburn hair freed, as universe my spirit meets, emblazoned gold
Dipping in the golden blaze, rising through the clouds I gaze upon you and all the splendor you display
Morning finds me beneath crimson red light,  warm,  few billowy clouds pass atop the meadow sweet
Seeking wisdom from wise doth me joy,  delights my soul from within,  I am pricked at thy sight
Astoundingly,  in eloquence I lay,  in wake of wonderment with chalice in hand, I bind with thee
Blood warms from sip of red, face glows with smile of fate eager to show the world our passion ignite
Kneeling you whisper,  as doves fly,  the sound of angels sing and the softness of your lips meet mine
Hands outstretched, clasping fingers of beauty sharing, energy flowing radiance emanating god kindness.. one love


  1. This is a very flowing and vivid documentation of love and imagery Christi. You captured a lot in this piece, and it is done well. The best I've read from you. Keep it up!!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it .. This one will be on the CD for sure. .. Be picking out some great tunes for it .. I have my sultry voice ready! ;)