Thursday, February 21, 2013

A collection of thoughts

He got me walking in the SUN ~ my MoonBeams and my heart sings love songs..beating to the sound of tom toms 

For if such a word were made I could not paint the colors together Nor make the sound of beauty I behold when I look into your eyes~

As you know I write the colors of my soul on paper, my words travel through the atmosphere staining it with velvet whispers of love~

A flower picked before its time will still bloom by force, yet left to bloom on its own is natural~ radiant, unspoiled 

There are no coincidences ~ everything has a purpose ...a place & a time ~ 

"The sage shuns excess, shuns grandiosity, shuns arrogance." ~Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Fire bridges the gap while history repeats and swords fall at my side as I rise up forging my way calling~front-lining making haste 

hru the eyes of our soul we peer with intensity and brilliance to gain knowledge expanding all within and beyond 

Stripped, basked in amber essence glowing warmly I move with such ease, into his arms as the depths of forever call like a raging sea 

The sound of love tastes like chocolate, feels like satin against my skin, looks like sunrise and caresses like water, smells divine 

I have some hot words in my head to stain my paper with ~ Thoughts rambling in my head tastes like love as they spill out into air~ 

I am the moon beaming the stargazing blinding in your eyes hazel, I am the beating heart of the rising Phoenix gazing upon her prey

Gaining my perspective as I'm moving thru tha clouds knocking down giants, talking out loud, warrior spirit abounds Peace to tha Gods 


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  2. Beautiful words dancing upon the stage of the soul, meaning touching the mind perculating drop by drop upon the heart.