Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Searching and Longing

The color of sound so vibrant, mimicking my soul
Searching and longing for two halves to be whole 
The dawn brings a new beginning forever true
Born of stars as the story is told,we walk in light
Unafraid of plight, despair or strife, a regale stand we fight
Damn, damn this waiting, sends me soaring as an eagle
From atop mountains I do glide, hills and valleys I too spy
I drift endlessly to melodious rhythms ..pretending not to cry
Sound of waves echo in my head reminding me I'm not dead
Floating on this sea of memory, curtailing winds I push ahead
Oh, truth, for loves sake, how much longer shall I wait?
Pulling back my hair gently as it falls, I'm remembering love within
The unequivocal touch betwixt you and I, fall of rain upon my skin
I stare into crimson sun full of warmth you bath  me in
I bare my emotions, tuck them away, saving for a rainy day
Searching and longing, searching and longing, just to be
Blue skies and somber nights bring forth happiness I do pray
Conscious mind, stirring time slowly, unwinds
As darkness falls wrapping me with a cloak of brilliant black...I sigh..

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