Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Love

These stars are my tokens of love I spew out of mine heart like a fiery sea of love .
The ocean contains my tears I have wept for you whilst you have long since  been far from me.
The sun holds my love as a brightness which will shine upon me when the beauty of thy face I then behold.
The moon holds my sadness  as I dwell in the secret shadows the dark  places, the crevices
My shelter the trees, with their outward arms reaching for the sky as if to kiss it with gratitude .
My love my heart is full it is spilling over like blood flowing out of my veins shall I die unto thee?
The Path I have taken the road has not been easy yet I gladly bare the burden and scold unto you.
The wind it carries my sweet savor to you  my whispers of  promise, I pray you not tarry long
My love is pure tried by fire, burns from within my soul deep inside this I promise only for you.

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