Saturday, April 23, 2011

To know me

You don't know me but I am the wind you feel gently brush across you're face, though the wind is not blowing.
I am the dream you have and don't know why the one you want to go back to sleep and finish.
I am one with vision, one with burden , with hope for the world in my hands I keep giving back yet
no one takes.
No you do not know me.
My color is Peace,  I speak to the animals and they lay at my feet,  I give them shelter from the unkind
You cannot comprehend my heart,  it's not mine own I have sworn it to love,  belongs to love fully.
No,  you do not know me,  my name is kindness,  my mouth drips humbleness it gives gifts to those in need.
My footsteps are light you do not hear me coming,  yet I come,  my voice is soft,  yet my spirit is strong.
No,  you do not know me, yet you will.
I cannot be defeated,  though you should seek to kill my flesh,  my spirit shall not die It will live forever.
No,  you do not know me.
My manner is comely and true,  goodness,  grace,  and forgiveness are my life yet I wield a sword  clothed in valor armed with might.
Now you know me, hush as I come for you in the deepest of night

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