Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The world as I see it,  cold,  sometimes you say this is my time, you say this now 
This metaphor of love games, this love me not, a mind play,  my time,  you say
Starlit paths all paved with gold laid out for the wandering soul,  my time,  you say
Careful now fragile is the glass inside the cave belonging to mine heart,  my time,  you say
Oh sparrow,  sparrow,  where for art thou gone? Spring seems far from our time to sing
The sidewalks line up to see me come,  cheer me on to hear my words,  my time has come
I turn to see am blinded by the crooked ways of passersby flaunting before my eyes,  my time
I scream,  I shout,  the words come out,  no rhyme,  no medleys nor reason,  cries become my time
The crowd roars with jeers and shoves at me,  my time,  you say  my time,  you say,  oh,  not mine 
I turn to run you pull one last time,  a stab at my pride,  you take once more,  my time,  my time
Raped by the warrior of smooth words and alibis for,  my time, again,  you say,  want has come
Timid is the moment when the words locked up wont come,  oppression grips at me,  for,  my time
Love is my weakness,  so it would seem  locked inside of me now just a dream buried,  no time
Lost melodies falling away down by the brook side,  sunset brings the darkness,  hurry no time
Keep waiting,  just keep waiting,  tomorrow,  there is always tomorrow,  for,  my time you say,  my time, my time... when.. is my time

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