Saturday, October 20, 2012


Love locked tight as a rose bud was my heart watered by your hands,  I basked in the morning light now blossomed In thy sight
The universe is mine as I live and breathe, the Sun shines upon me as I walk along the galaxies giving birth to stars.

I am the moon beaming, the stargazing blinding in your eyes,  hazel. 
 I am the beating heart of the rising Phoenix gazing upon her prey. 
The stars be hanging low, drifting in my dreams I go, walking about the universe, tiptoeing through the Milky Way looking for my love.

Mesmerizingly you stare as I peer into your soul speaking without words, the universe opens and I travel through time, aligning planets orbit around us,  all is electric.
I remember you drank my smiles for breakfast,  ate my words for supper, basked in the soothing sounds of our love making,  I remember  listening to the silence and hearing everything, the wind speaks softly my name as the rain drips against my window pane, we lay and languish love,  looking deep into thoughts of foreverness.......Foreverness

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