Saturday, October 20, 2012

Until We Die

As the Sun follows me I birth a beauty only he sees, My inner self I save for him exquisitely, he is as carved perfection unto me.
When I look in your eyes I see what I want, when I look in your soul I know what I need, when I feel your heart beat I know it is mine, meant for me.
Stripped, basked in amber essence glowing warmly,  I move with such ease into his arms as the depths of forever call like a raging sea.
Moon Swells leaking tears of joy as the stars dance making melody before the Sun, galaxies light arrayed in colors to give delight.
I breathe you in swallowing your soul as it mingles with mine we become one to behold, two forces of nature bound by God
Love grips her like a vine choking the coldness from her veins forcing warmth to find its way inside, now undone beauty becomes her
Night skies bring such wonderment filled with delight, the sun not hidden from my sight as I prance along kissing the moonlight.
Hushed whispers in the night Sweet love without a fight, Gentle kisses on my lips met with ecstasy through the night, love undone
The sound of love tastes like chocolate, feels like satin against my skin, looks like sunrise and caresses like water, smells divine.
I have moonlight in my eyes, dancing under the stars, the breeze rustles through my hair without a care I fall in love again,  with you.
Tomorrow finds me in your arms wrapped in splendor, velvet kisses on my lips deliver the sweetest taste of comfort,  full of promises.
I find rest upon the moon then skip the cotton clouds to the arms of my sun, gazing upon Venus with lustful joy I succumb
Butterflies and cotton candy skies, my kisses softly placed gently above each eye,  snuggled warmly we now sigh and love until we die.

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