Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Fruit OF Love~

I want to take the time to unwind you, yes.. soothe your soul~ with intoxicating verbal stimulation

I want to whisper delicate~ incredibles in your ear, have you orbiting within my sphere~ yeah, right here close, right here~

I want to caress your body with my mind~ bathing you in words of worship, intricacies of your beauty
so captures me as none across the hemisphere~

I want to bring you in to my world~ show you my inner self, this I save for the building of creation,  of love...making~

I want to let you walk about in my space...yes~ so that I might gaze upon thy sculpted perfection of flesh that shines, for you are the Sun~

I want to strip naked before you~ as the moon forges with the night.. I want to lay upon your chest as my body is quaking~

I want to peel back your layers,  like fruit~ tasting each to savor, keeping close the pages of your life,
as we become as one.

I want to touch you from the inside out~ I want to share your breath as you lay upon and enter me,
Fruit of my love .. Fruit of my love ... 


  1. Deep, the way you infuse layers of meaning into your words... A true work of art!!!

  2. You are too kind.. thank you do much:)