Friday, January 4, 2013


I wake in wonder what it is the wind has brought to my door, what lies you tell
Of fool of folly, my heart will know, truth is written in the eyes, even closed
I keep treasures, my greatly wisdoms to my bosom, for wolves pretend as sheep
Virtue I do keep, the world will not sleep without its filthy whore, swears the oath
Rise to stand, sit to fall, the people cry alone, for where is the righteous man they seek?
Oh how beautiful, cunning is thy words, thy sting is of the Scorpion, a painful death you bring
My heart is gold, oh, how they seek me out, then cast me about when rich and full, thieves
Wickedness swirls the air where the gates swing wide, crowds hoard to trough at feeding time
They lay in wait for innocents sake and rob the blind, take, take, take, our children too, no rules
I cry for them all, for you and her the little ones, the sad weak ones who wouldn't shun.

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