Monday, May 2, 2011

I Stand Alone

I stand alone, in this place I chose not to which I was planted.
I am beauty ,grace and strength , a high tower for those seeking refuge.
Mine arms are long, and full and carry the burden of many who come.
The birds they sing to me a love song in the mornings after a rain.
My colors change with the seasons, but winter I have not much shelter.
Lay down at my feet and take comfort, I shall shade thee from the sun.
Night blooming Jasmine brings the humming birds to field I stand alone.
The dew wakes me in the early hours and calls my branches forth.
The sun warms me  turning my leaves a golden yellow by autumn.
 The moon and stars, they light my way through the night lest I should  sleep.
So come, and take shelter here with me I will give you rest under this my tree.

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