Saturday, December 3, 2011

Each New Day

I lay watching you sleep knowing the secret inside you I will keep
The greatness that fills you the future we are building, thus we share
I feel free in you as I sleep on the wind carried by the wings of angels
Time has stopped but a moment for this truth to know to reckon and begin
The sun taken light to earth holding her in gravity, lovingly guiding to motion
New life begins with but a breath causing all things to collide into orbit
Our heartbeats are now one our souls connected meshed together as fine steel
Although I'm apart from you, I'm aware of your presence as the sparrow comes each day
I still feel my hands in your hair mine draped across your chest, I taste your breath
I keep the memory of your arms around me tight through the night, this I love
The days sometimes seem long and nights impossible and then, oh thy words so sweet
I long to comfort you to have you hold me to see me, yet I sense you see me still
The dawn finds me searching reaching then I feel the warmth of the sun on me
Oh for love of King who finds me fair, hold your Queen do not despair my steps be sure
My love for thee is true, my heart is full my mind clear and free ever ready on thee
Tenderly I think back on the taste of your kisses and the gentleness of your love
Our creating of love the perfection of it all made for us to fulfill our destiny
I absorb your light as earth taking in nourishment and then releasing my essence
Night finds me dreaming and longing for the day when nothing holds us apart again
I wake each morning and know that the sparrow comes, I feel you everywhere I am
Each new step I make brings me closer to you and this journey we have embarked upon.

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