Monday, December 12, 2011

Love is Born

I see you all that you are, the green that shines through the brown in your eyes
I knew you before you knew me,  I saw you as you were becoming a man, yes
These secrets I hold in me dear, near and true, some would say are crazy lies
You opened me up stole my heart I allowed it to happen, this is glory
Time brought us here,  destiny will finish this story, love encapsulates ploy
As a mountain you stand as a River I flow beside you calm and peaceful, with you
Fields of wheat we run in, under your tree you lay full as I dance under the stars
Marveling, you sing to me a call of strength,  power, knowledge and wisdom
Chanting angels high above the clouds watch as our love unfolds, the night blossoms
Eternity is ours as is the world, tantalizing whispers descend off your tongue, believe
The captive is captivated, the house is now with a foundation, our circle is complete
Lion and lioness sleep well,  King and Queen unite, the people rise up,  respect,  love is born


  1. Congratulations to those who have that honor. Let it be forever!

  2. I appreciate your comment ..many smiles and much peace always..

  3. You girl, Christi are a wonderful writer and poet! You make me feel alive as I read along and drift into your wonderful world that is so beautiful! I hope to enjoy more of your spirit so beautiful. Thank you so much for writing this! :)

  4. Wow.. What a huge compliment thank you from the depth of my hearth.. It means so much to me that I touch other people in this way. I write with a fervent passion
    Hope you enjoy more ~€~

  5. As a mountain you stand as a River I flow beside you calm and peaceful, :::: Wow this is beautiful & passionate Christi, you capture the spirit within me and drift away I go into your world. Keep writing such heart griping words, you are a true writer that will one day go far!

  6. thank you again .. so inspiring to hear ... bless you..