Sunday, November 20, 2011

I was 10 years old My name is Jasmine McLain

Screaming, no one hears the pain I feel, the sneers
Mocking yelling teasing, God, pleasing, am I not to thee?
Oh not today these wretched noises fill my head I cry, I pray
Pain inside to great, why do they hate can't they see I'm weak
Begging please, no one cares,do you see they just stare,at me
Beseeching thee I call upon you, knowing that you'll rescue me,when
Great is this torment,  though a child Am I they kill me daily, I cry
Mommy my words won't come,thier hate so powerful darkens me
Fear in the night freightens me, freedom calls from up above, angels
Daddy please, can't you see a secret hidden in me, they persecute daily
Why, I ask but know one cares, I just need to breath free air,  sing
Please understand my pain, I cannot bare anymore take me now to rest
What have I done to them,  to you,  Why, why,  how this eats me up alive
I feel so small inside so scared and all alone, I just want to go home
If superman could fly he would rescue me before I die, bless my soul
If I had a magic wand I would turn myself into miss popularity,  then ;)
Oh pain pinching me stealing life from under me,  killing,  beating me
Oh you hateful lies robbing me of my pride you don't know how I tick inside
These beast of girls who run the schools think your pretty,  think your cool
Evil is your name spit out of the whore of babylon, shame to you for my pain
I want to live but cannot fight can't breathe to scared to leave my shell
Please forgive me God I come to thee, angels bare me over I come to thee
Mommy please don't cry for me,  I can't be free here anymore, you will see
I'm playing running with others now, no one hurts me anymore It's okay
Oh,  tell them all  I see them still, but I forgive them of their ignorance
Tell Daddy it's okay super heroes are real,  they were just off that day.

In memory of an angel of love Jasmine Mclaine 11/14/2011
Please raise awareness against bullying


  1. Beautiful & Heartbreaking. It is a horrible state of affairs when anyone especially a child feels their only option to be free is death. Bullying MUST be stopped. Thank you Christi for helping to get awareness out there.