Monday, January 2, 2012

I Wait

A Great woe has entreneched upon my mind leaving a scar deep in my heart
Each night I cut out my heart yet morning finds it full again, the Sun enters
We are the Stars, Moon, Earth, and Sun, this, our universe belongs to you and I
My world spun on a cloud with wings for a time, laughter in the air, smiling
The places I allowed you into, the walls I broke down for you, sacred love
Tapestries of time, echoes of days, lingering memories forever staining my space
Like shards of glass fallen from the atmosphere dreams shattered, erased
Raindrops fall like blood squeezed from my veins, pain unceasing, why, such splendor
The beauty no ordinary love perfect, you took without mercy, loved me without knowing
Promises you made you broke, my days now long, cold no warmth from you to hold
Even as I watch you still becoming, you create and thus we two shall share, when
What we started can't be undone when meant to be, the stars dance for us, shine
My soul calls for you in the night like a lioness to her lion, waiting, preparing
Greatness is found and follows greatness, peace is love in the abyss of our kind
Yet my eyes leak like the great welkin filling the sea crashing upon the rocks, mighty
Forever, my love for thee my words are heard through eternity, giving rise to thee
I shall not forsake my love for thee, but wait patiently abiding in the light

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