Sunday, August 28, 2011

One night

Though he speaks to me with trembling lips,  I feel his heart race
The green of his eyes brighten when they look at me, this is real
As the endless stars align the heavens,  so shall my love unto thee
You feel as spring when you touch me and summer when you enter me
The rain will fall and we will dance and stain the clouds with our love
We share a secret one which cannot compare, he is the smoldering sun
I to him his earth, I hold the keys to his thoughts his dreams
My flower rare, it blooms for a season, petals tender intoxicating to him
The draw is love, like no other powerful drawn yet cannot be matched
My heart flows like hot lava out my veins for you, so captivated undone
Once in a while Jupiter meets Venus, fire ignites souls engage perfection
One night can last an eternity, one day a lifetime, one dream a reality
A King meets his Queen he knows her, keeps her unto himself forever more

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