Tuesday, August 30, 2011

They Call Me Mississippi

I am a warm gentle rain drizzling upon the heat of your body
Each drop you take in as I open up like a cloud ready to burst
I am as the welkin full of such as these that only you can desire
My lips drip an honey sweeter than that of any you have tasted
Your soul is a sponge to my passion receiving it fully encapsulated
They call me Mississippi,  the shape of my horizon, I make your dreams
I am the one that makes you fall,  as you do I catch you bringing you In
My smell has captured you,  set you on fire bringing you to new heights
The curve of my hips you lay in,  as the sun sets and the moon beams
Sleep has fallen,  taken you,  the river flows,  the stars shine and you'r mine
They call me Mississippi, like a river,  I flow to you.

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