Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still Strong

So tired of this mindless chatter,won't have my dreams shattered
I cant waste my time on empty space wont let you leave me tattered
I'm free a spirit you cannot break, yes I'm here I see I know I feel
Time changes the wind blows the heart knows yet you sit on your throne
Freedom, you can't touch this, doors open they close then they lock, blocked
Nothing what it seems, people don't know their own identity ,nothing matters
You speak with an honey from your lips, making me succumb, though I will walk away
Powers in me I possess for me to share with only who I choose,you may attest, and still
My path I walk alone, you think you can step into my world, turn it upside down
Beautiful yes you are to me more than any I see,the way you speak, perfection
What is this time this space between two, a line crossed a world entered or left
You don't know me but I'm the air you breathe, wind across your face whispers in your ear
Oh you feel me but you still don't know me , I'm like no other wise beyond my years
I recognize the possibilities of the night the situation of the time, the hour at hand
The melody of my heart you may never know as I say Im free, I dance where the eagles meet
I wait for no one, I will not bend my spirit is strong, I am a woman of substance
I would lay at your feet as your queen shower you with a passion so deep,unquenchable
Take notice of the stars that shine in mine eyes the fire which burns in my bosom
I am the well full of fruits ripe,secrets only one will share, a flower in bloom
The day is long into the night thinking of you as you say you think of me much,show me

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