Monday, October 10, 2011

My Path

Standing in the field just beyond the willows the sun rises cascading light upon my skin
Ode to the night for dawn is here in such delight I find myself swept away with a breeze
Walking along the path,my path the one only for me, I keep for myself I stop think again
It's just a thought a sweet melody enraptured by flesh entwined wrapped together a tease
My eyes look to the beauty which he possess my earth is moved, my hair sways in the wind
I begin to walk faster,heart racing I'm approaching the city away from my path,I see
Concrete,the cold feel against my feet, I love the noise so loud the hub of the crowd
He is here, from a distance I hear the sound of his voice coming form inside,I'm in
I walk past him as he turns and brushes up against me catching the scent of my hair,breathe
Does he know I have been watching him, dreaming of his touch, his lips upon mine,he stares
Sitting down calm now I drift as he begins to sing to me,he knows, he trembles inside now
Slowly looking away I blush, he comes to me, we dance as he sings my lips quiver,sweet sin
As he gently puts his hands to my face pulls me to him we are now locked deep,souls recognize
Fire is burning mingling together a passion stirred by desire on the edge, loosing control
It begins to rain and I find myself back on my path again, was this a dream, or real

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