Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Sun

You are to me as the sun which giveth light unto the world making it brighter
I am as the earth to you absorbing this light taking in giving back life
The moon, the great welkin doth not weep for she shines full of joy of night
The stars dance for us like billions upon billions of fireflies across the sky
My skin feels electric as you draw nearer to me, like two halves being made whole
The spinning of the earth stopped for a moment bringing you to me,  like static
You feel like spring time in the winter that has come to full bloom in my heart
In your eyes I see the rainbow in different colors,  you bring new life and such peace
The poetic way you speak found its way to my soul opening doors to mysteries untold
Your great fullness that I love you, I'm sworn to,your humbleness to love me,  I'm bound to
The mountains I would move for you, the sea I would swim for you, nothing I wouldn't do
My love,  my dahling,  for you I would lay down everything,  I am yours  for eternity,  true


  1. omg, such guidance of the heart - toward the most beautiful light that has ever shone.

  2. Thank you both for the lovely comments # muchlove