Friday, October 28, 2011

MY People

Waking daily I hear my people, they cry pain, I walk out wanting change, today I have a dream
Rules made, children bath in glory of hate, gang signs,  streets of battle violence and crime not my vision.
My people cry,  yea they cry help me, so,  goes the stranger in the night the lost they fight, blood spills
My time is now,  though I come from the fields,  the jungles, hills of the city,  the wrong side of right.
My people have brought me about, raised my spirit and taught me out, I give, while I take to the streets
Damned these times that bleed on me causing me to loose my victory, strength in my fathers name,  I pray.
Mother against child, brother against brother,  this war,  my soul, You know not what you do,  this I say, truth
Eternity will pass before I sell out, my blood is real, I engrained you all in my minds eye keeping watch
Love for you in me is deep, this I do for my soldiers, the valley may be low the mountain high, yet we grow.
The strong will survive, the weak I will carry, time is come.  I have this dream for change in my people, rise
Honor is a defense for our kind, running is what I did before, Im out,  never forgetting where I came, still.


  1. First, I'd like to say, that I'm not religious, and not Catholic. However, one of the most interesting arguments by St. Thomas Aquinas is about "pride" being the beginning of all sin. From your piece, I get that the people with too much pride can't move forward towards compassion, and it reminded me of this thesis.

  2. Well for truth I wrote this about someone else ~ it is about struggle and the time to rise above and how that the people around you have a profound affect on your life and after you have moved forward without the wrong kind of pride you see how you have enabled other people's lives as well ~ change is all around us