Saturday, November 19, 2011


Standing upon mine earth I, Queen bow before my King basking in his glory, the Sun
At the waters edge ankle deep I look to him as he gently guides me step by step to him
Longing to be waist deep swooning, lost, drowning, as he smiles drawing me nearer
He calls to me from upon his rock, as I cross he joins me in my steps lavishly in sync
Hearing the angels sing, eagles taking flight, doves in motion, now is the time, I merge
A voice as the wind, strong and true, his word faithful beckons to me, is sound, clear
The stars fill the night as the new moon rises, bonds made as the ocean water rises, mine
Great things built upon to grow for long has the garden been waiting on nourishment, time
Eternal is the flame of hope our love our work, together our path forever to unity as one
Down by the waters edge I am standing bowing before my King, waiting drawn by his stature
Endless the galaxies, so be the days I carry our love,weeping only as the great Welkin joyful tears of love.
 As the stars dance for me the moon swells a glow so fair, Ti's the Sun I bath in with glory bestowed upon
The beating of my heart, writing of my words, my love you hear as staining air through atmosphere
Hallowed words, sacred bond thus we share, passion blessed, ensuing fire breathing each other, life

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