Sunday, November 13, 2011


You see color, I see Love, through mine eyes there is no hate
You see judgment, I see spirituality, freedom of your bondage
The beating drums resonate throgh my body of ages past, calling
Souls crying people dying hearts bleeding needless waste, death
Frailty of mind camping in the inner parts of youth, untold, forgot
Rising, to be pushed down mocked and spit upon, oh the wicked
How they spill the blood of many, how their blood runs cold, empty
My spirit crys for the weak my sword stands against the wicked to fight
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear not
I amongst my people stand against the evil tread the battle lands, victory
Giving back that which you took in ways you cannot touch, though you seek
My blood is mingled with many, my color is not defined you cannot know me
My soul is of the highest and belongs to the king for I am his Queen, love
Tears only for joy,  for the purpose of the needy, thus I weep no more
Transgressors paying in due time, greed begats greed, hate eats the wicked
The drums they beat a new song still coming up, rising building, united
My People everywhere, a song we share in harp in chord the drums, in clapping
I hear you, I see you like an eagle carrying your beat to me I feel you
Your rhythm in my feet I walk, I dance in my soul, stories from the grave I keep
Untold memories we share, my burdens calling me from the hemisphere, always
I feel it all I see it all from ancient days of times present haunting me
Rest in peace, the angels watch the spirits watching, warriors fighting now
The time is nearly come when freedom will reign, peace for all, death not in vain
Your shoes I will walk in, your hands I will hold, your eyes I will look through, know this
My journey hast just begun, yet it seems a life time ago, a promise to see it through I will keep

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