Saturday, November 5, 2011

Breathing You ~

As I breathe you into me I know I will be complete.
I feel you come to me in the midnight hour as I sleep
Passion carried on waves of Poseidon a mighty love
This igniting fire burning none can quench, it is come
My smiles though they are many I have only one for you
My eyes cry only tears of love,tiny drops of Jupiter it seems
Embracing the moments we share waiting for day of truth
You,my sun have warmed my flower giving it life,it blooms
The fairest of angels sing for our love as stars shine above
My meadow is moist with dew,comely I wait on thee until the hour
As you lay under your tree waiting for me I am there already
Taken by your ways for they are my ways forever, becoming one
My love is your love,your love is my love, this is our time.


  1. Beautiful... Lovely imagery ~ so alive!


    p.s. is it Poseidon in the 3rd line?

  2. I really wish I could say how deep a chord this struck and why....


    And beautiful!