Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If I Could

If I could, I would make you see me, all the colors that I am
The melody in my heart is playing an orchestra of love
I am as the sea giving rise to the earth and expanding all within
Overflowing my bounty like wafts against the great wall of tides
Emerging from the uninhibited ways of yesterday I wait for thee
Breaking down the barriers of time, escaping perpetual fear I flee
If I could, I would make you see all the the beauty I behold inside
My mind, body and soul, for you I would give them whole
I am like no other, created by the potter molded from clay by his hand
If I could make you see, you would ask me to stay, never leave
You come to me in the night, in the early light, I feel your breath
The kisses we shared sealed our love, our souls did unite you see
Waiting is hard for this is true, to looking into your eyes I saw myself
Until you push my hair back again kiss my neck, I sigh all the day
If I could make you see, how I'm longing for you even now
If I could I would show you now, what you are to me, you know how
If I could I would not hold back, and come now, If I could, I would

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  1. Beautiful! I hope you will put a poem on Poet on Poetry under Your Poetry in the Comments area! Over 20,000 people may read it!