Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Garden

Safe behind the walls of my own creation I linger
Laying atop tussled grasses intoxicated by sweet perfumes
The lavender, roses and lilies, fill the air my senses moved
This my solitude watching the butterflies flit and dance
Birds sing their sweet melodious notes, Serading perchance
Dreams are made in this enchanting lair, only few are privy to
In the distance I hear the varied notes of the Cicadas song
As evening approaches bringing glory of color from the sun lovely
The Nightingale begings to sing her song to my soul, my love
The delightful eloquenc, tears that stream from my eyes the joy
I am weeping as the moon shines her pallid light, for loves delight
The sea it swells from all this of my bosom, magnificently doth fill
The stars seem to dance upon the milky way, ending a perfect day
Morning comes dew on my skin, warmth kisses me gently as I rise
The dragon fly startles me and to my surprise, alas you are here

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