Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I know my strength comes from within
Yet my bones cry out even weak now
Darkness covers the crevices of my mind
Shattered hope never more will be mine
Time comes for me to reckon with
Gone the days of tenderness and joy
Lost are golden memories erased by pain
Fear has found his home gripped so tight
Tortured undeniably,breathless from this fight
Anguish giving over to the hatred of it all
Promises made and promises broken,departure
My heart is frozen barely beats,not for keeps
I gave it all and still you wanted more
Someday time will stand for me I pray
I can smell the sea reminds me of love so free
A place I once was lost and free,by the water
My mind drifts back to a place in time so lovely
The sun still shines and the stars are bright
Oh how I dream to go back tonight, my love
This barren heart, my wretched soul can't be dead
Awaken me from slumber this dream I am having
Tell me my true love ,my passion is waiting for me
Oh great moon sink back into the ocean, bring out the sun
I need this vision of wrath gone and love to be here
Trickling down now tiny tears , I feel warmth on my skin
My heart is beating faster ,the blood is no longer cold
A whisper in my ear, is this madness? Are you here my love?

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