Saturday, July 16, 2011


The amber lights glow along the waters edge
I drift endlessly out to sea darkness abounds
Only the moon lit so small no stars tonight
The waves gently breaking the sound echoing in my mind
I dare not dive into the abyss it seeks to swallow me whole
The dragon of the bottom deep lurks under circling, waiting
Ancient cries heard from afar, fear in my mind now I'm told
Salty air passes my lips the sun beats down on my cracked skin
Days have turned into night again, stars I see twinkling, cold
Nothing and yet everything, gone, how I long for the fields of green
Where am I now in this vast sea, where are the crags that I sat upon
Agonizing heat by day coldness by night, the hollows of mine heart bare
Swept away by the tide into an unknown world against my will, sold
A bargain price more precious than gold, kindness so rare so siren
Drifting asleep so deep, am I dreaming? I can't wake up.
It is raining I feel the coolness on my skin, my tongue, my face
I cry out no words form no sound I make no movement, to late

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