Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Will

The sun washes over me warms my skin through
I look past the horizon my dreams carried away
The sand I put my feet in feels cold,yet it's hot
My shattered feelings scattered among all kenosis
Even unto the heavens my soul crieth out with no sound
The angels hear my sigh my anguish,my madness true
You broke down my walls,once in you boasted
Conquering my fears you made me trust,with sway
I feel you still haunting me though I try not
The sultry passion of once will not be,exist no more
This grip you have on me I shall break you will see
When you find me in your dreams I am running away
Gone now the static is failing, trust is broken.
I am more than your girl on the mountain,I am everything
You will never stop thinking of me, you will miss me.
You will see me everywhere ,you will dream of me.
I will not be there.I do not look back but I see.
I will feel you still feeling me the draw, the pull.
You know me, I know you this thing this impossible will.

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