Friday, September 9, 2011

A memory

My eyes have taken all in the beauty of you which I can no longer possess. These pangs beat as drums against my walls echoing a memory etched upon my soul. Oh how doth my weeping fill the welkin bursting as a rain cloud drowning all land. Why hast the sun not found me she has hidden her light casting weariness. Mine arms still reach for you as the night is hardest it throws it's cruelty at me. Seeping through the corners of my mind I feel you there clawing at my senses Yet my fears over whelm me breaking down my walls crashing into the sea lost. Canst thou hear the tears falling like rain streaming from mine eyes welling up . I have incised a piece of mine heart burying it forever from the ebs of darkness. Shallow is the day now moon light finds me shuttering on the edge of madness. With daggers you peirce my wretched soul as if to kill me daily with your love. Then has fury found me lain upon my bosom smothered me till I feel my ghost. Each star bares a name of which one is yours I shall cast it down and for thee keep it. My meadow has grown waiting the lush of my flower ripened yet you hewned it down You drew me in like a hunter till I succumbed then broke me as a lamb wounded. How weary now my my love is how sorrow mocks me in vain as you stole my sacredness. For only a time the nightingale sings and the cocoon opens for the butterfly and the sun lights. Then thou hast broken the spell of love the power of all that was the shining glow of us. My heart feels that which no one sees that which no one can match how I did let you in. You stained my spirit my soul my life my heart my mind with your love and swept it away. Oh hearken angels hear my cry deliver me from my pain give me wings so I must fly. Carry me over the mountain lay me at the top and sing the whispers of dreams once more.

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