Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Am Free

I stand before you bearing my soul,  oh,  how dost thou judge me now?
I,  the welkin full weeping,  you,  the sea overflows and abandoning me
My Echoes scream for mercy's sake angels bend ear to my heartbreak
Oh,  thy hands around my throat I feel them crushing my very breath, depart,  I say!
This day mine eyes have seen true, the wind that bloweth not your way, but doom!
Waking from the wreaking howls the bellows of the hounds from hell, I stamp my feet.
I run, for strength it gathers upon my bones like moth to a flame, I am me again
Loosed from these chains you bound me in, free to sing lovely now Am I, and high!
Reaching for the stars they shine on me glistening as I raise my hands, oh great moon weep no more!
The sea so calm it flows peaceful blue, my vexed heart though once longing for you, happy am I
Shadows find me no more hiding, waiting or watching, with freedom I fly where the eagles touch
I walk my path down off the mountain to the river which flows so free, I sit alone and think of me.
I have come undone, found myself, broke the bonds that held me down, never again shall I let you in.
Ti's a wonderful feeling to be free, a slave to no one, being just me, unattainable unless I agree.

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