Monday, September 26, 2011

I know You

Shall I live for you and you alone
Shall I give for you and you alone
My time is it mine and not yours, or ours
My freedom have you stole it or hidden from me 
My dreams have you mocked them
Can you see me as I stand In front of you
Can you see me as I run to you for help
Tears they flood the river deep, this I hate
My time will come you will see you cannot hold me
My wings will mend I will fly again sing my song as the Nightingale
Shall I live only for you or shall I give only to you, again I ask
This I ask of you, do you know me, do you feel me, do you see me at all
Can you tell me how I feel,  can you tell me what is real, how my soul reflects
My color do you know, my music do we share, how do I feel when we touch 
You do not know me at all, these things are great not small, important to us all
This is love and how it works, a touch,  a smile a warm hello, but knowing me you do not
My secrets still safe in my heart, my memories never depart, you think of nothing,  this you say
How I know you day by day,  yet long to know more I pray, this is all.

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