Friday, September 23, 2011

God Knows

The river still flows the pebbles are still under my toes and yes God knows
Ti's the pallid moon that hangs in the sky which looms over me hauntingly
Oh madness you call like a lost lover in the wilderness leave me be I beg of you
The billowy clouds that dance above my head I hate now maybe for just today
My sentimental heart has a missing link you stole, as you knew you would
Time for me unbearable though I seem happy and smile for you I know you see
Pain is my friend for a time I allow for a while we comfort each with knowledge
So you know me yes you do and as always I still love only you but why, how?
The brokenness I let you cause is building only strength,everyday a new beginning
I shine even though the sun is not out and it is raining, though my heart aches for you
Your arms still hold me tight you still tell me how lost you are in my dreams, so close
As I sit here on the river bank and dip my feet in I see my reflection, where are you?
God knows I really love you will love you always, you wanted me to tell you where you belong
I am strong, I bleed, I give, I take, my time is valuable my love is pure and wont be wasted

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