Monday, September 26, 2011

Still I Stay

Dreams are a reflection of your soul
Carrying the weight of truth to behold
Time is eternal waiting for no one
Abyss is deep like mine eyes they see
Truth is hard yet sets you free, no animosity
Forgiveness sacred to you and me, for them
Healing occurs when you allow the sun to shine
My will not mine own still, the days grow shorter
I stay for my faith still so hard from the pain caused
Freedom I long for, soaring I want, my journey far
I'm torn and pinned to this frame, hung on this wall
Moments of fleeting happiness pass before mine eyes
Soon the moon beams the sun rises the days change again
Subtle as a look from a stranger the Autumn wind blows
I feel a warm caress on my skin and run through the Fields
Lingering thoughts of what could be I feel the drop of rain
I begin to run feeling free smiling now, as if I am flying free
Then I wake to be, still here, sometimes lost, sometimes found

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