Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Grooving to a New Beat

The most lyrical phrases enter my mind while I just be gazing at your eyes
Time has stopped for a moment picked me up spun me around set me on high
I count the minutes in the hours of each day looking forward to the beat,  the sway
You have me in such a starlit way, dancing, laughing, singing,  I can't deny
Oh how the groove of  mine heart beats a different tune, toes in the water, carried away
Pitter-patter goes the beat,  spitter-spatter go my feet, whoopys-daisy, I slide, slide,  slide
I'm falling down, down, down the path again, what a lovely feeling to know,  round midnight
I'm caught in the shadow of your smile,  the warm tender ways of you,  lost in you're eyes
It never entered my mind until the right time,  I found myself in a sentimental mood, oh yes
I had the medley, Jill Scott tune, Sade night, a little Maxwell to set it off,  oh,  "After the Rain"  Coltrane
Then I realized I could not run anymore, you caught me, words, songs,  phrases,  I am undone
I am a soul seeker of the same,  a lover of love,  the wisdom of my youth breathes in me, longs to be
With you I feel alive mesmerized, on a distant high,  liquid jazz flowing through me as I swim this maze
The sky is colors I have never seen before,  purples reds and lavender,  hush now,  don't wake me please

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