Friday, January 6, 2012

Thief Of Hearts

This day here for me how can it be I see not the readiness of it all
Tarry longer night I pray,  lingering dreams stay,  my drifting mind sway
Sun is rising warming me caressing me against my flesh,  Oh far moon I cry
Amid the dreary hours of dawn I seek to hide from you,  longing to fall back
Trickery has cast it's ugly shadow on my fate finding me wounded,  now I lay
Pleasantries shared igniting the bed breaking down my walls,  captivating my time
Thievery of mine heart as lies you spoke while eating my soul,  Oh woe is me
Time and space can only know the realm of truth the anguish of whats become
The Mountain you are the River I am still calm beside you flowing,  yet in spirit,  apart
The great moon weeping fills her Earth watering inhabitants as a great flood of pain opens
Whispers carry your works to my ears,  dreams bring visions of you,  Oh I see everything
I have tasted you and become one with thee,  you can never hide,  lest I sever thee
How quickly doth the hour change,  Oh the stars go out one by one still they are many
Earth and all the beauty wakes each day and meets the Sun its glory,  tarry a while longer I pray


  1. I absolutely loved this poem. Visually captivating and something that I can definitely relate to.

  2. bless you .. yeas this is probably one of those that will speak to many .. Im glad you love it :) your blog is awesome to I think we are of Kindred spirits.

  3. I enjoyed the whole
    dimension of the poem ... The way
    reflect the feelings in the forces of
    nature is amazing. "O.=