Friday, January 6, 2012

A Melody Of Love

The sound awakens my ears as a melody of love is cascading down my veins
Tender is the sound of whispering love upon my neck,  lush echos of faded time
Drenched in a crimson sun set,  bathed in a warm caress,  love is taken,  tenderness
Fields of grasses line the plains as we lay and make our love,  basking in the heat above
I open to you like water to earth drinking you in,  you part my lips to taste of me,  divine
Sounds of music fill the air as essence fuels with care,  the lovers bed of majestic love
My spring in winter you are to me,  a field of ever blooming indigo,  Oh how I marvel
A mid summers night,  hot in july melding together as one,  never to depart,  you are to me
Oh melodious sound so sweet,  sing unto my ears as now you take me unto you my love
Doves hover early morning as we lay,  the dew still wet,  hushing me with your eyes,  we sleep

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