Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Stillness

In the stillness of mine heart it haunts me
Direction gives way to divine inspiration
Deep calleth the deep, shallow bury the dead
Hinds feet seek high places stumbling not
Tide has risen against the wall crashing still
Mighty winds brought forth out of anger doth blow
Yet strife continues to rise beyond the gates knocking
Pearls and swine are cast in fire thrown in streets
Humbleness is comely now waiting passing through searching
All time of borrowed love and money owed, hate, waste
The haunting stillness of mine heart laid open discerning all
Memories of yesterday times before and to come what will bring
The quite hours of night the stillness it looms a deep darkness
Quickly as the the Sun comes into forge I rise take notice of the victor
The stillness gone for all is due the noise brought apparent now.
With staff in hand collecting souls opening his mouth for to take his due

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